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    cracked windshield washer reservoir lx470

    Keep in mind the fill tube slides right out and isn't a leak tight fitting. There's a floating level gauge that rises up when the lower tank part is full. If you fill all the way to the top of the fill tube at the cap, IT WILL LEAK, where the fill tube connects... ask me how I know. I thought...
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    Sunroof rattle

    Nope, still rattles. Very annoying.
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    On-Screen Maintenance Greyed Out

    Are you parked when doing this? It's grays out if you start moving.
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    A/C froze up on road trip???

    So was driving back from Charleston, SC to Atlanta this weekend in my stock '04. Normal summer heat and humidity. A few hours into the trip the AC started "feeling" warmer but really was less airflow from vents. Fan was blowing like normal. Eventually airflow went to basically nothing. Fan still...
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    Bluetooth module for steaming

    Works great for me too.
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    Charcoal Canister

    I just replaced mine... it wasn't leaking but internally "clogged" and causing excess pressure and fumes / gurgling at the gas cap. No CEL, idle issues, or running issues. Lots of fumes in garage when warm though and sitting after a drive.
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    Which pulley is squeaking?

    Believe it or not mine did the same and I replaced the tensioner pulley thinking it was the culprit. Still had it and after replacing the belt itself all was good. Took me a while to figure out. Try a new belt first... particularly if WD-40 on the belt quiets it momentarily.
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    Rear View Mirror Compass! Need Help!

    I seem to recall reading in the owners manual that the mirror compass only came if you did not have the factory navigation system. Pretty sure all US '03 and newer had the nav system and hence no mirror compass. My '04 does not have it.
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    Radio volume freezing up.

    Mines done similar goofy things... primary when I receive a Bluetooth phone call and hang up. After hanging up it's locked, or been silent, or unresponsive. After I shut off and restart always works fine again. And it doesn't happen all the time but for me it's something related to the ancient...
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    ECT 2nd

    I use it all the time when creeping in stop and go slow traffic. The shift from 1 to 2 gets old.
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    Highway Tire Choice

    Michelin Defenders hands down for road use. Great longevity... 75k on my last set. 2nd set recently installed.
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    Rolling Windows Down with Remote?

    Just tried my '04 LC and the parking lights flashed a billion times... nothing made the windows go down.
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    Cracked both headlights, Need advice

    I believe the '06+ design switched to plastic and not glass... they eventually turn yellow in the sun like all newer cars. I'd stick with the original glass ones that ended in '05 I think.
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    2006 lc VSC Trac off lights come on intermittently

    Just happened one day by coincindence... when I plugged my phone in the lights came on in about one minute once in the vehicle was in motion. Made me think and sure enough it was totally repeatable and I tried a different charger and worked fine. Somehow the crappy chinese USB charger was...
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    2006 lc VSC Trac off lights come on intermittently

    Mine was tracked down to a flakey USB phone charger. For whatever reason it would trigger the VSC / TRAC warning light but nothing else. Took me about a year to figure that one out.
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