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    New FJ60 Owner + Stereo Install

    X2.... This is super clean! Well done!
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    Finally Joined the 40 Club!

    So glad to see this 40 back on Mud! This truck was really special to me and I had a ton of fun bringing it back- It was a random Craigslist find and I couldn’t believe the condition of the frame and body- zero rust. I was always tempted to paint it, but you can’t fake that patina! Have fun with it!
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    60 series porn (pictures of the kind that get people like us excited!)

    That’s a “wallpaper” shot! Great picture- great looking rig.
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    Where’s Your 60 From?

    Great idea for a thread! Penn Toyota, Long Island. No badge, but would love to find one... I’ve looked. Any ideas? I have the original sales envelope, window sticker, brochures, receipts for warranties, etc- and even the salesman’s business card.
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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    I can just as easily use my tire pressure gauge, but thought this was too cool to pass up. Works great... I know this was posted to the 40 forum, but haven't seen it on a 60. Only downside is the USB port isn't accessible with the 60 cigarette socket being so recessed. Still a cool mod... Tire...
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    Coco Mats?

    Bumping this thread... anyone else go with coco mats or something similar? I'm trying to find what size?... Or a comparable vehicle? CocoMats customer service is great, but they're asking me to trace out my own pattern.
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    FJ60/62 OEM Mudflaps

    Yup- that was my post from several weeks back. I thought I beat every one of you to the punch when I bought "OEM FJ60 mud flaps" on eBay... It was fun to think so for a few days anyway...
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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Color is charcoal... perfect match for anyone with grey interior. They sent the size I measured: 15 3/4" x 3"
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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Yes, that's exactly what I did. Just loop it around the holes in front leaving an equal amount of holes blank/empty on the backside. They also have a great instructional video that walks you through the entire install, including how to get around the spokes:
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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    I know this isn't a new mod or topic, but I thought my two cents might be helpful for anyone tackling this in the future... I finally put a Wheelskins cover on my steering wheel. It's not a perfect install, but I'm really happy with it- especially considering it replaced a worn out, cheap...
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    For Sale FJ/BJ60 OEM mud flaps for OEM flares

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    For Sale  FJ/BJ60 OEM mud flaps for OEM flares

    I bought this set of rear mud flaps by mistake for my '87 FJ60... They're for 60's with OEM flares as pictured below. My mistake is your gain!... $120 plus shipping. Chris
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    OEM FJ60 mud flaps on eBay... what did I buy?

    Thanks guys! I'll post them up to the classified section. I may use the above photo in the ad, so if anyone knows whose rig that is in the above photo let me know. Thanks again!!!!
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    OEM FJ60 mud flaps on eBay... what did I buy?

    I should have known better considering FJ60 mud flaps are NLA and unobtanium... but the description and seller seemed legit. Short story- they don't fit an FJ60 and I can't Google my way to finding out what they belong to (PN 76608-90A01). I thought maybe an FJ70? As soon as I know I'll be...
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    Body repairs at the factory?

    This is the link, but the video is wrong. If you zoom in on the still shot you can see the same spot. I emailed them to see if they could send the video or pics. Restoration 1988 FJ62 : Cruiser Solutions, custom cruisers, restorations, genuine Toyota parts, body tubs, used Land Cruisers for...
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