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    Crank no start EFI Fuse?

    Brother, this sounds like the demon has been found. Fixed is not going to be so elusive I hope.
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    60s with canoes and maybe other boats

    62 stuffed with the expandAcraft catamaran, snap~on grille and dinner. It's all stuffed in here
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    Attic rack weight limit

    It won't be the bolt that let's go, it will be what its screwed into. 2 lbs in the wrong position and circumstace could cause failure that 20 lbs wouldn't. Minimize the weight, bring the weight to the lowest elevation.
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    Ever seen a factory PTO on a 80? Pictures

    Unobtanium is always cool
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    Door locks

    Check continuity between the master switch and each actuator, including the lift gate. Do the rear gate first.
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    Gas leaking from injector six

    Take your time, do it right, never worry about it again
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    Line X

    This is on the green collectors? That has perfect paint underneath it, thats why its slippin' off:)
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    Mixing Engine Oil in Diesel Tank

    Diesel can probably run on grandmas biscuit gravy. EPA digs it? Not likely
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    Head Gasket shot. Committed

    Snap~On or it might snap off, round off or use foul language
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    Head Gasket shot. Committed

    Heads up.. Keep the steam cleaner away from painted surfaces! And anything that you clean is ripe for oxidation/corrosion!
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    $1500 and some duct tape

    Fuel filter
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    Help on adjusting timing / '91 / 3FE

    Right side (passenger side) at about 10:45 if you're viewing the fly wheel as a compass rose. Looking straight back behind spark plug # 6. Timing light positioned beside the battery tray and shining over the top of the distributor. The rubber cover may not be there. A bit of white lithium grease...
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    What is this Sticker On the Head

    OMG!! With those, it means you can return it for factory new exchange, no questions asked, and no expiration! It looks like it was there before the freeze plugs went in.
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    Advice please... time to decide on my first FJ 62!

    LAND CRUISER - drive for 2 years, then resell for what you have in it? Gambling with it, so let's post some odds 10% this truck. 2 years, put nothing but fuel and fluids in it, you'd have it for sale for too long, take a lower offer, and loose money. And if you put tires on it or replace an...
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