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    Builds Work In Progress aka: Badass

    cool thread....
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    48 hour emotional roller coaster. First time 80 owner. New to Forum.

    i got to hear whats up, curious for sure
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    Birfield removal with locking diff

    oh i am sure i could just only know it wont lock currently, but have parts to make it work with air
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    Birfield removal with locking diff

    what if rear locker is not engaging, can you still remove axle?
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    Builds My Formula 4 build

    any updates?
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    Builds Saved from scrap - '97 LX450 build thread

    they are cheap on rock auto from 35 to 50 bucks
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    Need money spending advice

    do share some of your gear, heck sounds interesting living out of a stock truck thanks
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    Need money spending advice

    i have to agree with just get out there and see what you need. do a few trips and see where the short falls or room for improvement might be. enjoy your self
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    Wits' End parts

    what everyone else said and then some. i was talking to him alot on FB messenger and he always got back to me, maybe not right away because of life but always did. solid solid dude
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    Monstaliner Bedliner

    i see some of you ML right over the mirror backs on your 80s is it still holding up, and what extra prep work did you do?
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    My attempt at a trailer

    any action photos
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    Monstaliner Bedliner

    OK solvents are the bitch i see. i was thinking like a stupid milk jug would work but solvents may not agree with that. now a i know ty
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    Monstaliner Bedliner

    whats special about the bottle, cant any bottle work. hard to swallow $2 bottle becomes 9 bucks
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    Monstaliner Bedliner

    so what bottle did you use to put the liner in.
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