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    For Sale Boise ID FJ40 Craigslist

    Wow, ... gone already!
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    For Sale  Boise ID FJ40 Craigslist

    Not affiliated, ... looks like it has potential.
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    Aisin vs Warn hubs for 1970 FJ40

    I'm pretty sure they were "Smittybilt", but now I gotta' go look. LOL
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    Aisin vs Warn hubs for 1970 FJ40

    When I purchased my May 1975 FJ40, it had a disc brake "kit" on the coarse splines and a set of Smittybilt hubs. I replaced those hubs with a set of serviced tapered Warns taken from our March 1972 (we went to fine splines and disc brakes with Aisins) You can have the Smitty's for shipping costs.
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    How to ID an import? UPDATE.. I’ve been scammed!!! 😂

    Happy to see everyone escaped unscathed. Well maybe not one guy!
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    How to ID an import? UPDATE.. I’ve been scammed!!! 😂

    Anytime. I'm retired. If I'm not bird hunting, that is. Doesn't matter, I'd love to show up!
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    79 FJ40 Seat Suggestions

    Toyota Solara seats into my '75. Leather, electric adjust. I like 'em!
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    How to ID an import? UPDATE.. I’ve been scammed!!! 😂

    If you wanta' telll him you'll head that way to look it over and get an address, I'll slime by and do a recon. Should be interesting!
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    Ambulance Door Keys

    I too use the Taylor T74Y. I prefer it over the stock key as it is very strong and resists deformation when throwing the lock open or closed in my '75 rear ambulance door lock (it is a little sticky).
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    V8 conversion

    I ran a 3-speed behind a SBC for years in my 72 FJ40. No problems at all, but 55 mph was 2,800 rpm. Rubber overdrive would help there. I highly recommend going to either a Toyota 5-speed (h55f) or even a GM nv4500. We now have both and I really love the nv4500 granny gear. Can also find...
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    Help with ARB Locker

    Compressor charged up then stopped running if I did not engage locker. I believe that is correct operation. When locker engaged, then compressor cycled often. Air was whistling out of the vent on rear differential. Diagnosis: Leak at the locker location. One question on ARB controls: Is...
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    New Land Cruiser specialty shop in Boise, Idaho

    I will stop by and see you and your shop bye & bye. Welcome to the Boise Area
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    Help with ARB Locker

    You guys are great. I've got some great leads to investigate. I assume it should shut off after engaging the locker,... I'll be perusing that video as well! Thanks again.
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    Help with ARB Locker

    I have an ARB in the rear that was was installed for the P.O. No documentation came with it. I very rarely use it, but did so recently and noticed the compressor was on most (but not all) of the time. Is this normal, or do I need to run down the line and fittings to see if'n I have a leak or...
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    Racing Seats front and rear

    I have a coupla' 5 point seatbelts I'll send to you if'n you'll pay the postage. They do not match each other. You interested?
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