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    1999 LX470 at KC junkyard

    It's still here. But the little stuff I was looking for is mostly gone. Side glass was good, but the interior and exterior are pretty trashed. Drive train components may be okay, but it was definitely a high mileage vehicle.
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    1999 LX470 at KC junkyard

    @ariff Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I will be there bright and early Saturday morning. Hopefully there will still be some bits and pieces that I want. Unfortunately some roof rack parts are not likely to be among them.
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    Spotted thread

    I saw this nice 4runner outside the HyVee in Olathe. The owner, Daryl, walked out before I left and we had a chance to chat. Cool guy. But he's also a 40 owner so I may be a little biased.
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    My 2003 100 needs a new battery

    Interstate 27f from Costco was $102.78 out the door. They did not keep it in stock but could order it in so I ordered it over the phone. It took about 2 weeks and I just picked it up 2 nights ago. Best CCA and RC for the money.
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    What have you done to your 4x4 lately 2019?

    Got a new erector set. Before: Work in progress: Still a ways to go, but at least I'm finally off my butt and moving forward.
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    Deutsch vs Weather Pack connectors

    Any one have experience with both of these that has an opinion. I'm suffering from analysis paralysis and can't make up my mind. Seems like Deutsch is the way to go, but the cost of crimping tools for all the different sizes is prohibitive. I'll be using it for mostly small applications like...
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    Removing wires from connectors

    So a brief update for posterity. I used both tools below to remove these from the housing. The first was the one on the bottom. I was able to use it to pry down a bit on the metal connector. then I could get the tool on the top to slide all the way in. I still needed a pair of pliers to pull the...
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    Removing wires from connectors

    Thanks @4Cruisers & @Coolerman Funny thing is I was trying to use the metal from a wiper blade before I bought the cheapo set of removal tools. I will give it another go after work tonight and report back. If push comes to shove, I'll force one by pulling it out the back. BTW, @Coolerman...
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    Removing wires from connectors

    Thank you @Coolerman Here's a better pic with the tool where I think it needs to be. There is a flat part of the metal connector up against the outside of the plastic housing. I assume I need to get under that to release the wire? I tried a little but was afraid of forcing it. I will try...
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    Removing wires from connectors

    Thanks @Clutchee Follow up question. Which side of the terminal do I insert the tool? The side the wires come out or the receptacle side? And top or bottom?
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    Removing wires from connectors

    I am wanting to remove the unused wires from my terminals for my 3FE computer. I could just cut them off short, but the OCD voice in my head says remove the terminal completely. Any suggestions as to the best way to clean those up? I bought a cheapo set of the wire removal tools, but I can't...
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    Hey everyone - looking to join.

    Looks pretty clean. And locked in the back. Nice.
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    TAC Garage Sale 2019

    I'm assuming that's Toyota and not Lexus?
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    What have you done to your 4x4 lately 2019?

    It's barely perceptible. Who'd a thunk it, the way he babied it. 😁
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