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    FJ80 Rear View Mirror Gentex Intall with pics

    If you get the arm ("Generic Mirror Arm and block"), there's no need to get the block ("Universal Wedge Mirror Block") as well - the stock cover snaps right on. It worked that way for me, anyhow...
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    I'm thinking of the plate under the front of the engine, covers belts as you're looking up from the bottom.
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    splash guard + 4 related bolts as seen here?
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    Bolt on turbo kit

    Definitely still in for this, had to reallocate funds to deal with my mother-in-law's health issues. I'm simultaneously hoping that you sell out of the 25 at the lower rate before I can snag one and hoping that I can afford it while it's cheap(er). :confused:
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Replaced air filter with OEM And did some 🍌🍌🍌work, two upgrades that should net at least 10HP... Before: After:
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    8cam's 97 turbo

    He can legally use the radio so long as he doesn't transmit. See Part 97, relevant portion or below (emphasis mine). @8cam already said "monitor until I get my license", so no need to worry further. Definitely get the license, though, because just monitoring sucks!
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    Builds Poverty packin’: 1992 HZJ80 in Texas

    Amazing truck to start with - looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
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    How many miles did you get before engine failure?

    Headgasket went @ 190k. Taken as an opportunity to patch her up and be worry-free for another 200...
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    Builds CAMPTEQ's 80 Series Pop top Prototype

    Trying to wrap my head around some of the details with the campteq, and this point seems to vary from install to install: what's the bed platform look like, and how do you get in? It looks like yours has struts to open at least part of it in to the poptop?
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    Bolt on turbo kit

    Somehow I doubt you're going to be sitting on them :) Having work done on my engine in prep for the possibility of getting in on this. Worst case things run a little better, a little longer. Best case? TURBO TIME
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    Delta Vehicle Systems ceiling storage options

    Just curious if there was any update on using this storage rack with the Speski barrier?
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    Looking for a shop in Seattle

    +1 for Torfab; I've brought my LC in a few times for various reasons and they've been good to me each time, fixing what needs fixing and telling me (in nicer words) that I'm being paranoid about things that are fine and normal for an 80.
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    Windshield replacement near Seattle

    I need to get this done too -- did you ever find a good shop, @PNGmangi ?
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    New Windshield

    I know that @beno can get them -- ordered one earlier this year.
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    Bolt on turbo kit

    Is CARB compliance something you plan to pursue?
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