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    Larger oil filters

    WIX 51516 or Mobil M209.
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    Had some smooth crusing in Anza-B!

    I don't mean to be picky, but it looks like Ocotillo Wells, just east of Anza Borrego State Park. It's nice to see someone using such a nice new vehicle off road!
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    Builds 200 Series build Gallery from Slee

    Looks great!
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    Misc 100 series stuff for sale

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    100 Series Slider Build w/Pics

    They look awesome, good job. Did you jack the truck up from the sliders and check of deflection?
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    FSM 2000 Land Cruiser

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    FSM 2000 Land Cruiser

    Complete 3 volume factory set of service manuals for a 2000 Land Cruiser. They are in used condition. $120 shipped to lower 48.
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    Misc 100 series stuff for sale

    Most of this stuff is still available.
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    99 LX. How Cheap To Upgrade

    As far as I know, the 98-99 LX only has the limited slip. Does anyone here have a 98-99 LX who can refute that? It's all about what you want. If the improved interior and AHC are worth money to you, then you should be shopping for an LX then. Otherwise, there are great deals to be made...
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    99 LX. How Cheap To Upgrade

    The 98-99 LX has a limited slip differential in the rear end. I would much rather have the locker in the 98-99 LC or TRAC in the 00+ models. I'm not sure what else the early LX models offer that you are so set on?
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    Official LC200 ARB Install Thread - WARNING LOTS OF PICS!!!

    It looks really good. Nice job. Can't wait to see a few inches of suspension lift.
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    Misc 100 series stuff for sale

    I'm not sure what you mean by standard plugs? I bought them here: Denso starters, alternators, iridium plugs, fuel pumps and glow plugs part # IK20 Let me know if you want them, I'll check back later.
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    Misc 100 series stuff for sale

    More stuff I also have: *SOLD*NIB OEM rear disc pads (100 series) - $35 plus shipping *SOLD*New OEM v-ribbed belt - $25 plus shipping*SOLD* NIB 8 - Denso Iridium Plugs IK20 - $50 plus shipping 2 - used Sylvania 9006 HB4 bulbs - FREE first come first served with another order 1 -...
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    BajaRack on my 100

    The rack looks awesome and so does your 100 series. I just don't like the rack on top of the factory rails. I wish there was an affordable "lower profile" aftermarket set-up one could use. That is what I was thinking about doing with mine, anyways.
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    Misc 100 series stuff for sale

    Cleaning out the garage since I sold my LC. PM if you want something. Paypal preferred: *SOLD*Blank key shell for 98-02 (I think) $10 shipped via mail.*SOLD* *SOLD*Complete CV assembly. 100k miles. Boot ripped. Good for trail spare or core. $25 plus shipping.*SOLD* Right headlight...
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