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    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    Whose bracket are you using? Looks like a good time.
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    SOLD Kansas, Front bumper cover, 100 series, 98 to 02.

    Not anymore, but thank you.
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    Builds mcgaskins' 2013 build thread - Palladium

    Congratulations on the return and the nice local to you find. I followed your last build pretty regularly, don't think I ever commented but knew you'd be back after your departure. How do you like the coopers compared to the other AT tires you have used in the past?
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    Oil Leak - Think from remote oil cooler line?

    No. I was actually experiencing a small oil leak from the POS dorman engine oil filter housing cover. It was poorly machined and I admittedly used a oil filter from car quest that was supposed to have been their "premium" line allegedly manufactured by wix, but the rubber o-ring that came was...
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    SOLD Wamego, KS. 2000 Land Cruiser updated $8,500.

    Update. When I bought the cruiser it only came with the valet key, and no open master key slots in the ecu. The dealership replaced the ecu under a TSB for free, and gave me one key fob and I bought one at cost also. So it comes with three keys- one in a yotamd key housing, factory key fob...
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    SOLD Wamego, KS. 2000 Land Cruiser updated $8,500.

    Thanks, the only thing left at this point is to drive it:bang:
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    SOLD Wamego, KS. 2000 Land Cruiser updated $8,500.

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    SOLD  Wamego, KS. 2000 Land Cruiser updated $8,500.

    $8,500.00 is just a starting point, open reasonable offers I purchased this 2000 in El Paso, TX in 2014 with 146k miles. It spent the first 15 years there. Then we had it in south central Missouri for four years and I relocated to Kansas this past summer. I am the third owner. It is a May...
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    First Landcruiser build. DIY bumper and more!

    This is what I was talking about.
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