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    Prospeed 100 series roof rack for Landcruiser and LX470!

    Do you happen to make an awning mount that works with the rack?
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    For Sale  TX: 1993 FZJ80, mild build, no lockers

    Please see my build thread for pics and descriptions of most of the modifications and maintenance/repairs that have been done over the last 4 years. Lots of parts replaced and/or rebuilt all with oem parts. I am a Toyota master tech and get parts at a discount and still have receipts for most...
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    Should Aux Battery be Grounded to Block? Or Fender, Frame, Etc?

    My blue sea acr is rated for 120 amps, so I used 4 for all my dual battery wiring. 4 will easily carry that load the short distance it's ran. I also ran 4 to the back to a blue sea fuse panel which runs my puma compressor and back up led pods. Since you are running more stuff you probably be...
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    Should Aux Battery be Grounded to Block? Or Fender, Frame, Etc?

    Since I don't have a winch, i just have 4 gauge going to the block, and 8 to the fender.
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    Marlin Crawler Low Range Gears Group Buy

    Too late to get in?
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    Fzj80 flowmaster??

    Most exhaust shops can weld in a Flowmaster. I went with the 50 series.
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    Back-up Camera Questions

    I have this camera: I tapped the reverse signal for the radio into the reverse light wire in the LH kick panel up front. The camera power is tapped into the reverse lights in the back. Daytime...
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    Takata airbag recall, may not affect the 80 series?

    If Toyota has a recall they will almost never expire. My 93 LC still showed to have the O2 sensor recall open so I had it done no problem. Now a SSC, special service campaign, or LSC, limited service campaign, will expire after a set time.
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    Sun roof shim part number

    Does any one have the part number for the sun roof shims? Or is there another method of adjustment like regular washers?
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    Warped head = warped block?

    Put a straight edge on it, the repair manual should have instructions with pictures.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    It's fun sometimes, but I do hate cleaning it up afterwards.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Spent a few hours at a local off road park. I don't care for the mud, but could not help it on some of the trails.
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    Anyone rebuilt their pair reed valve

    True, but I'm probably the only person out of 25 state inspectors at my dealership that even know what a pair valve is, lol. I'm pretty sure they would never notice if it was missing.
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    Anyone rebuilt their pair reed valve

    Yep just remove it and use the oem block off plates for the manifolds. I tossed mine long ago.
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