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    Parting Out 2001 Land Cruiser 100 Series - Denver, CO

    I need the same parts as SHREDwagon. :poof:
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    For Sale CO: Rock Warrior TRD 5x150 17" - Spares

    If one is still available, can you quote me a complete price to 97038 (for one)? I presume these have no tires mounted?
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    Wanted 100 series tool kit

    Let me know, I would like to get one soon, before hunting trip :)
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    Wanted 100 series tool kit

    Umm, me too!
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    Previous Owner Mod Identification Help - Video Related

    They are grey. I haven't tried to play any video at all... and yes, I would trade. Not sure when I want to tackle extracting the cabling yet though. Probably soon, but not a specific priority.
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    Previous Owner Mod Identification Help - Video Related

    This is on my 2003 LC, w/ Nav, MFD with integrated HVAC... First question - was in-headrest video screens an option in 2003? Mine has in-headrest screen, which until tonight I assumed were stock as I have seen other LCs with in-headrest screens as well as some with the center drop down screen...
  7. SAVV Video amplifier/switcher, driving rear seat monitors?

    SAVV Video amplifier/switcher, driving rear seat monitors?

    Previous Owner Mod to 2003 LC
  8. Relays and video 'tap'

    Relays and video 'tap'

    A previous owner mod on my 2003 LC
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    Tow hitch recommendation

    Mine came with a receiver, so I can't specifically recommend anything to buy, but when I was shopping some of the LCs I was looking at didn't have hitch receivers, so I had done some shopping. You need a receiver for starters, and I would get one specifically made for our rigs, which will...
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    Factory NAV Workaround?

    You mean like take the audio out of the mini-jack audio into RCA of an aftermarket amp and then power speakers from there? You would disable audio from the factory unit unless you added another set of speakers as well (I would not recommend having the speakers be connected simultaneously to two...
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    Branch Build Thread...

    Stereo Upgrade... So, I bought some Focal ES KX2 speakers. If anyone else buys these, the mid/woofers are actually too deep to clear the glass in our front doors. So don't. But I could definitely hear the difference between them and the next model down, which would have fit. And they are damn...
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    Branch Build Thread...

    So, I thought I may as well start my own build thread in case anyone finds anything I do useful. I don't think I have wisdom to contribute yet, all my wisdom has been pulled from other's on here much smarter than I. But maybe my specific configurations might help if anyone else wants something...
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    Where To Get OEM Hub Cap?

    I got one one eBay for $30 also. Be aware that it might be "backordered" but with no indication of that. I had to contact the seller multiple times before he finally responded with that fact (offered to refund/cancel my order, but I said no I still wanted it, but some communication on backorder...
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    For Sale Tundra Rock Warrior wheels

    If these are still available, and you'd be willing to ship to 97038, I'd be very interested in acquiring them...
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    For Sale Tundra TRD Rock Warrior Wheels - Virginia

    I would be very interested if you would ship. Zip for me is 97038.
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