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    T100 - Resealing used 5VZ

    I used these guys to get my 3rz in the road ASAP. Valves, seals, and related gaskets at my house the next day and I’m out in the woods. It’s got 20000+ miles on the head rebuild since and is still holding together. I’d have preferred OEM but price point and the fact I was in a pinch swayed me...
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    Drone for trail scouting

    I'd love to get one to keep tabs on my property and the property of some friends and family. Scouting for meat.
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    "Breaker, Breaker 1-9"

    Been running a homemade one in this location for 10 years. If you mount it to the passenger side it won’t slap drive through awnings and will project further down the highway/interstate.
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    My T100 project truck - HELP!

    Free is usually a good price point. AC may need just a little Freon bump. Cruise could simply be the little switch behind the clutch or it could be a little deeper…does it have ABS? Radio, well that’s usually something I’d swap straight away anyway. WallyWorld and other big box stores usually...
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    02 Double Cab 4x4 project - frame compatibility question

    The throttle body will never show 0%. Mine is perfectly healthy and won’t go below about 16% even if logged not running.
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    1996 2wd + manual trans FSM or other online?

    I found one years ago somewhere. Can't locate it right now.
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    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    LOL. Almost like that in the 3rz powered Tacoma. With a tailwind I get 22mpg and headwind it's been as low as 14mpg for a tank. That'd get me to the bottom of the traffic flow out there. Would be fine locally though.
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    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    I wonder how those little Jimnys would do on i20. I need a 1000 mile commuter that can offroad once it gets to WTX. I'd like to be able to pass someone as well....
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    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    Spotted these a little south of Collins on 49S.
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    Builds 2004 Tacoma PreRunner 4x4 Conversion & Build Thread

    Well put and thought out.
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    MX+ OBD2 Scanner and OBDLink App; OBD TORQUE APP

    I use Torque Lite from the google store. The cheap Bluetooth dongle I have doesn’t connect with my iPhone. I started using a large chinese android phone I sucker purchased for Amazon music, stored music, and now this app. Lite doesn’t show tranny temps either but it shows a lot more than I...
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    Builds 2004 Tacoma PreRunner 4x4 Conversion & Build Thread

    Have you compared the costs of a straight axle swap to the costs of an OEM IFS? Just curious how close they would be. Love to see people still willing to major wrench on these.
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    TLC 80 series in 1/18

    I can't vouch for the quality but it looks fairly decent.
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    Mini Tractors - lets see um

    It’s a shuttle shift so no extra fans. It has two long runners that accompany the FEL but I’ve been looking at possibly doing a skid to protect a few sensitive spots. My box blade has 4 root rake looking things that I can drop down to almost 3” below grade. My grandpa has an actual root rake...
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    Mini Tractors - lets see um

    @iptman I almost went with a Kioti but went Mahindra due to location of dealership for the Kioti. It was an older, well established dealership and I went with the new up and coming guys. Gambled that they would do whatever necessary to keep a good name and reputation to continue selling...
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