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    For Sale 1983 BJ42 185k kms

    1983 Toyota landcruiser BJ42 | classic cars | Calgary | Kijiji Located in Calgary AB, I've had it for almost 5 years and haven't had enough time to enjoy it. Looking to sell it to someone will appreciate it. $22,000 CDN 403-975-4426
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    40 series misc metal fabrication

    I'll take a vacuum tank and a sill for a 83 BJ42. Ian
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    My new 83 BJ42, almost all original.

    The more that I look at it now, the more I'm think of doing some simple bumper out of 5" c-channel. I noticed there is more than on size of 5" c-channel. Where can you buy d-ring tabs? Also where can you buy a pre-tube to weld on to the bumper to hold the off-road lights?
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    My new 83 BJ42, almost all original.

    I was going to fix all the rust on the body, it's actually not that bad and there is zero rust on the floors. The only really bad rust is on the running boards which I'm just going to replace. The last 40 that I had was a lot worse.
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    My new 83 BJ42, almost all original.

    The vents on the hard top are a Canadian spec the US ones never had them. The bumper at first I didn't care for but in person it kind of grows on you, it doesn't look like its seen much use.
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    My new 83 BJ42, almost all original.

    So what is the best way to preserve this? I won't have time for the next 2-3 years with family and business to do a full resto. I was thinking of getting underneath and sand basting all the rust scale off and the spraying it with a rust converter and rust bullet. I might also do some minor body...
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    My new 83 BJ42, almost all original.

    24v warn winch I pick this up yesturday, I'm looking to do a mild resto on it over the next couple of years.
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    Wanted BJ42 in Alberta or BC

    I'm looking for a BJ42 that's located in either Alberta or BC. I doesn't have to be mint but it does have to require little or no work to DD it. I would also consider a FJ40 79-up in good shape.
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    For Sale Fj40 in KY for sale $16,200 obo

    Where is this located MT or KY?
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    Wanted BJ42 in Canada

    I'm still looking.
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    Wanted BJ42 in Canada

    I'm looking for a restored BJ42, I would consider a FJ40. It doesn't have to be restored to complete orginal it can be a resto-mod but I want it near complete. Something that is close to Calgary AB but I would fly for the right one.
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    For Sale 72 FJ40

    I just don't have the time or space any more to work on it. 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser - Calgary Collector Cars For Sale - Kijiji Calgary Canada. Asking $8000
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    Dissapointed in my cruisers snow prowesslessness- how to improve.

    What is that? Stretched body? what frame/suspension is that from?
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    stuck rotor

    What is the best way to remove a front stuck rotor from the hub? I'm in the middle of doing a disc brake upgrade with knuckles from a 60. I got the parts off a 60 at the junk yard and everything is pretty rusty so I was going to replace the rotors. I've gotten to the point where I've pulled...
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