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    Santiago Peak run

    It gets even more expensive if you do it in a rental. :(
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    center diff - no engage

    It's also possible that it's engaging, but the sensor is not making contact, which will prevent the diff lock and ABS lights from coming on. Have you tried it on a higher traction surface to see if the driveline binds up?
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    working through a SC Fan Clutch spacer delete, need a measurement

    Do you need the measurement made using the ringed fan that comes with the SC or the 3FE fan?
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    Santiago Peak run

    Here's a link to mine.
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    Supercharger power increase

    How heavy is the trailer?
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    Creature Comforts

    USB ports for charging cell, Ipad, etc.
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    I'm at my absolute wits end- truck still overheating despite best efforts

    Can't speak to the power increase from the overbore, but the supercharger increases HP and Torque by roughly 30%.
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    AAV, NAXJA, and EXPO San Diego Chapter Meet and Greet Aug. 23 at Fiesta Island

    The wife and I are spending the day in San Diego and will probably stop by for a bit.
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    I'm at my absolute wits end- truck still overheating despite best efforts

    Here are some recent comments from C-Dan, that I think accurately summarize Mr. T's thinking on engine temps.
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    knock/bang in driveline - help

    If you've done the 7 pin mod, you can drop the front shaft, lock the tcase and see if the noise goes away.
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    Santiago Peak run

    A couple of my pics
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    Santiago Peak run

    Wait... what? 80s came in other colors?? Who knew? Seriously tho, thanks for an awesome run. Enjoyed meeting everyone and hope to do it again soon.
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    What storage box/bags do you use on your flat roof racks?

    I used one of these on a trip from TX to CA Drove through a couple of moderate rainstorms and everything stayed dry. Also had a 15 gal Action Packer, which did not get any water inside. The Action Packer is lockable, although you need two locks...
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    Santiago Peak run

    The Sport Chalet in Laguna Niguel was out of the annual passes. Daily was all I needed, so no problem for me.
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    Santiago Peak run

    You can add me to the list. I'm in OC with my 80 for the rest of August and it has traveled over 1500 miles since it last had dirt under the tires.
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