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    Meeting Time

    Is there a Tallcorn Classic this year? I haven't seen anything about it yet?
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    Tall Corn Cruiser Classic (Official Thread)

    Not sure that I will make it. Engine is in the process of being torn apart to fix a blown head gasket... :bang: Trying to get it done, but finding the time right now is hard to do.
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    Overland Expo East 2016

    We will be arriving close to noon on the 6th of October. Is anyone interested in a trail run that afternoon? Or willing to recommend a trail or two? Not looking for anything crazy. Maybe something rated a 2.5 out of 5??? (Bringing the 80 in the signature...) We will be staying in Asheville.
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    Odd E-locker Trouble

    Nothing. It turns on and off with the dial. No issues up front...
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    Odd E-locker Trouble

    I've looked at the threads and can't seem to find a similar issue as what I'm running into. (I have the 7-pin mod and the center diff lock switch installed. For your reference.) When I engage the center diff lock and then try to engage the rear diff, it won't engage and stay engaged if there...
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    True 3" Lift

    Here's my $.02 for ya... When I got my 93, it had saggy springs that were probably down 3/4" from stock. I knew it would get all the armor and extra weight, so I went with OME heavies. The thought being +/- 2.5" of lift once it was all kitted out. On stock tires after the lift went in it...
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    Synthetic winch rope group buy interest

    Really? No interest?
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    Synthetic winch rope group buy interest

    I am looking into 1/2" (12mm) syn. winch rope for my 12k winch. This is 24k min. breaking strength which allows for using a snatch block at max pulling power... I have found a supplier who can deliver it to me for $185-190 per 100' section. Just rope, no thimbles, hooks, not spliced. Any...
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    Synthetic winch line - Possible group buy

    I am looking at purchasing some synthetic winch line for my 12K winch. The correct load rating for that would be 24k minimum average breaking strength (for when you use a snatch block; doubles line load). The closest synthetic line size is 1/2" (12mm) which has a minimum breaking strength of...
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    good source for GPS coordinates for trails?

    Avenza pdf maps. I think it is available for iphone and android. Lots of options.
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    Black Hills Cruiser Classic

    The other downside to their event is that you have to pay for the entire 4 or 5 day event, even if you are only going for a day or two. (I asked...)
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    Unimog pics please

    1979 Case MB4/94 with front loader (not shown), rear extend-a-hoe and Schmidt S-3 snow blower. (Schmidt S-3 blower is currently for sale...)
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    Which Rear Bumper?

    I'm just finishing up a 4X4 Labs bumper build. Awesome bumper. Extremely stout. Cutting out the cross member is not a big deal. I was worried about it prior to doing it, but it was really no problem. If you have welding skills, the kit form is cheaper cost wise than any other swing-out...
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    Winter Work

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    Tall Corn Cruiser Classic 2014

    Has it dried up down there? Anyone have any recent trail knowledge.
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