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    Cable lockers label

    Interested as well, count me in.
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    LED headlight upgrade - no high beams

    No problem mate, how did it go?
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    LED headlight upgrade - no high beams

    Hey Centex, I recently purchased new LED headlights and ran into probably the same issue. Some LCs carry a "negative switching" instead of a "positive switching"; that said, the switching polarity should be corrected with a 5 pin relay. I'd try to explain myself better but this previous thread...
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    Oem snorkel install.

    Sorry I didn't expressed myself correctly; I meant the hole in the fender which connects the horizontal section of the snorkel to the air filter canister through a rubber hose.
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    Oem snorkel install.

    looks good! nice work mate. Are you willing to cut the rectangular section for the rubber adapter to the air filter canister as well? In my case I had a little help and used my old man's troopy as template for installation in my BJ74.
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    Builds Mountain Goat (BJ74)

    There's a small lever in the fuel pump, which cuts the fuel supply to the injectors. You can just pull it to get the engine shut down until you figure out how to fix the vsv shut-off. Have a look at the second pic on this thread for guidance: 13B-T Fuel Adjustment - Power Increase; ANSWERED...
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    BJ74 Rear Axle Swap

    Hi FJ40, Yes, fortunately the axle came up to be a direct swap from another BJ74. Just had to disconnect the brake lines and take the leaf springs out. I had the semi-floating axle for a couple of weeks and another LC owner bought it (aparently spare axles aren't that common here). Right now...
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    BJ73 FRP windows

    Excellent info; just wondering since he never mentions the window spacer (NLA) is it replaced with this Selleys Mastic? And, if it's NLA, could a similar part number be used with some trimming.
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    BJ73 FRP windows

    Interested in this inquiry; I just finished a complete paintjob and couldn't redo the FRP windows since the weatherstrip that goes between the FRP to and window frame is NLA. I contacted Cruiserparts since one of the part numbers retrieved a result after a google search but answered this was...
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    Parting Out 1985 BJ70 12v part out

    Hi, I did find one. I might need one more for side project, do you have one for sale?
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    BJ74 snorkel options

    They actually are; I changed my Safari Snorkel for the OEM set-up using all part numbers from a 2006 HZJ78 (air filter canister, plates, ducts and cap). It will be difficult to measure the bolts' spots and fender intake hole though; I had a troopy available at the time and made the job a lot...
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    70 series Soft Top

    Hi Peter, Doing an image search in google directs to Yahoo Auctions in Japan: There seems to be options, for what I've been able to translate and understand FRP Top (for front seats only) -> 52,700 yen or USD 520 Whole set (FRP, supports and soft...
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    70 series Soft Top

    Some more pics...
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    70 series Soft Top

    Just wanted to share a cool soft top I found while browsing the internet. It doesn't fit my rig but might be of use for other owners and their projects.
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