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    Sheep Skins from '97 LC for Sale

    Sheep skin seat covers from my newly purchased '97 LC for sale. Covers are in nice shape and a neutral, rich tan color. Includes two front seat covers, center console cover, and 4 straps which hold the covers in place under the seats. Shipping will be roughly $20 in the USA. $100 takes the...
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    Tinted windows? and leather repair

    i've found that has a pretty decent selection of used parts, and often has headrests. you'll probably have to comb their site periodically to see if they have the color you need. headrests are generally about $100. <p>
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    40th Anniversary....How Many??

    i've got #1182. or, as a buddy at work would say "11-eighty-dizzle". :D
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    40th Anniversary....How Many??

    Thanks to all for their humor and information. :D
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    40th Anniversary....How Many??

    I just picked up a 40th Anniversary Ed. and have been trying to find out how many were produced. Anyone out there know? Thanks a lot.
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