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    LB7 Duramax?

    Just curious if you would consider a 5.9 Cummins? Once all the s***ty dodge things are addressed they are super reliable and don't cost too much to run. I just sold my 93 12 valve and Miss it a lot. Had it 7 years and towed hay, logs, lumber etc. Was a weapon and cheap to fix. A buddy has a...
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    Wanted 1982 BJ41 In need of an engine :( - opinions

    @crawlin cruiser can set you up I'd bet.
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    Stolen part

    Fence and a large dog...sorry to hear about that. Sucks.
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    TLC on UsedVictoria thread... (ongoing)

    I’d bet it’s up in the ludicrous realm.
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    TLC on UsedVictoria thread... (ongoing)
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    Clutch release cylinder replacement on BJ75 — broken bolts, look away

    The “deet” trick was passed on through a friend who spent most of his life in PEI Canada. Everything rusts there, surrounded by ocean and maybe likely they salt the rds in the winter. Had an old rusty bj45 at the time and was breaking bolts like crazy. Not after that. Need to let them soak tho...
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    Clutch release cylinder replacement on BJ75 — broken bolts, look away

    I always spray 100% deet (Bens) on stuck nuts and bolts. Let it soak for a day then giver. Works awesome. Otherwise the above mig technique works.
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    Gun racks in 40’s, anyone have one?

    That’s perfect thx.
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    Gun racks in 40’s, anyone have one?

    Looking to install a small gun rack in my 42 and need some ideas. Anyone have any? Thx guys.
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    Right Hand Side Snorkels - Perfect for Diesel 40's :)

    Count me in as well. Finally something I don’t have to build lol. Thx
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    Thinking of swapping 5spd into my 82 4spd

    Geez dude let it go, the guy is trying to do a 5spd swap here. Good tech guys. Thx
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    GPS tech

    Check it out. I was working in Bob Quinn Lake when it all went down. Really sad is all I Can say. I’ll be in Smithers a bunch this fall. Let me know if your around.
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    GPS tech

    Have you tried Avenza maps? We use then at work for most things now and they are pretty gal darn good. Downloadable to any Mac or android. As for the Gaia stuff I have no experience with them sorry.
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    For Sale 1983 Toyota Landcruiser FJ-40 Better than Showroom Condition Unmolested 3 owner.

    I don’t think the 2f ever came with a 5spd in Canada.
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