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    Been working a lot lately but managed to get a morning off. Removed the winch. That little sucker was not fun. But it’s all out now and ready for a 24v non PTO.
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    Back with a BJ42

    That’s a nice machine. I also made a bad decision in the mid 90’s and have another. Congratulations and enjoy. I’m over in Terrace. Some spares here if you ever need.
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    VI Buy/Sell/Trade
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    24V 84 bj42 alternator charging trouble and voltage regulator confusion

    Great work, where did you source your brushes?
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    New to me 60

    I was looking at a 2018 dodge diesel today. Shameful. I’ll post up some findings here soon. See what you guys think.
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    New to me 60 anyome looked into borgwarner turbos? I’m going to dig in. Will post findings if anyone is interested ?
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    VI Buy/Sell/Trade

    It is cool and one of a kind, modern etc. Maybe still a good deal. Wonder how much it cost to get running right?
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    VI Buy/Sell/Trade

    Now it’s got rust issues. AHC needs work. Sounds like a pile of expensive $h!t
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    VI Buy/Sell/Trade

    Look who’s back. Wish this was affordable or at least reasonable. Would buy it
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    CW 2.0

    Ok well if you get hosed I can measure up. Could send it down for reference if it comes to that but it sounds you’ve got it sorted. I’m pulling out my pto on the 61 and putting a 24v Toyota winch on it. So not really going to need it anytime soon.
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    CW 2.0

    I have that seal somewhere. If you need dimensions or whatever
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    For Sale 1984 BJ60 LHD Toyota Land Cruiser A/C

    Painting everything black, priceless
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    DIY welding

    If you could get that for 1500 you’d never regret buying it
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    DIY welding that’s a good machine.
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    3xm Gull Wing windows

    Curious, where did you get those panels? I need something like that.
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