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    SOLD JDM 80-series tire carrier

    Game on ;) $2.25
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    Should I have a Hub Lock button?

    Do you have Auto Hubs on the Truck ?
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    Blackhawk Forged Radius Arms 80 series caster correction for 3" of lift.

    Are Extreme Land Cruiser still in Business ? Their website looks deserted ?
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    Bump It Offroad information

    I am guessing their SSL has expired due to recent changes in how they are issued and the duration they last. A lot of little guys have been screwed. Anyway, Web site is fine just your browser wants it to be a HTTPS and it isn't and the SSL shows expired. They still have the don't buy from us...
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    SOLD JDM 80-series tire carrier

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    WDYD What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Got me some Box's
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    Builds The "Red Rocket" Troopy

    Don't be hanging hate on the 3B with a Turbo I have run them that way since the early 90's and never killed one. I still have one and drive it most days in CA heat without issue. Buying used engines is always a potential issue, what did you do to it once you had it before you put it in ? What...
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    Swiss Poverty Pack Barn Door HDJ80

    Congratulations with getting it home. You left out the bit where you bought some projects before hand, that's my favorite part cause it gave me a LHD Donor for my conversion :) .
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    A440F with an 1HD-T engine

    what flex plate ? what is trans temp ?
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    No way is he getting $30k for that .
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    SOLD Central Texas: 1991 1HD-T Engine

    So what's it going in ?
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    All you long-distance FJ40 drivers

    My BJ46 with factory floor mats and grommets, A/C on in 100 plus sun and she is more than comfy :) I just turn the vents to point to the driver . Any of the after market A/C head units probably do a better job that factory so throw in some dynamat etc and it would be even better
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    WDYD What did you do on your 70 series today?

    They ship with 12V bulbs you need to swap to multi volt LED or buy 24V from amazon or any truck place
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    WDYD What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Wjat model truck do you have ? I have never had an issue with them , is yourtruck square ?
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    WDYD What did you do on your 70 series today?

    your Bullbar ?
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