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    Know of a good Charleston / Mt Plesant area Mechanic?

    Yeah- Terry McIntosh with McIntosh Imports. (843) 388-1558
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    Sale on springs that (I think) fit M416

    Can someone confirm if these will fit a M416?
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    Wanted Slee Off-Road AHC Over Ride Height Controller Needed

    This may not help you, but I may actually have one for you. However, it'll likely be a few months before I put the new suspension on the 100. I'll be happy to stay in touch with you though on it.
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    For Sale Rhino-Rack XTray Large roof basket

    Hey- sorry, I don't. I meant to mark it sold, but forgot. My bad. Good luck with your search.
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    Wanted  Wanted- Roof Top Tent (Carolinas)

    Looking for a RTT in the Carolinas.
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    SOLD *SOLD* NC: Custom Offroad Trailer w/ RTT

    PM sent...
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    I need a "Slee" in NC/SC

    @Trollhole is the best in the business. Period. Not just in the Southeast. I don't have any affiliation other than being a loyal customer.
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    For Sale OEM LX470 Roof Rack

    Price drop
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    For Sale  Rhino-Rack XTray Large roof basket

    Rhino-Rack XTray Large roof basket. Excellent condition. Details HERE. $250. Prefer local pickup (South Carolina), but will help coordinate shipping (if you pay for it) or meet someone for a Mud-Ship.
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    For Sale  OEM LX470 Roof Rack

    OEM roof rack from a '99 LX470. Other than a few scratches from a roof basket, it's in pretty good shape. Comes with all hardware. Let me know if you need any close-up pics. $75. I prefer local pickup (South Carolina), but I'll gladly package to ship (if you pay for shipping) or coordinate with...
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    For Sale 100 series - slee rear bumper, safari snorkel, km2's, etc.

    I'm interested and local. Sending you PM now.
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    UC chat

    Hey guys, does anyone have some day passes for Overland Expo laying around that you’re not using tomorrow that I can buy off ya?
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    Looking for some trails this weekend...

    Newbie question here...I'm sure this has been discussed all over here, so feel free to send me to some other threads. Me and two other buddies are looking for some trails to ride on Saturday in Upstate SC, Western NC, or North GA. Either gravel roads with good scenery or some light technical...
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    For Sale / Wanted To Buy

    Looking for one 305/60/18 to use as a spare. MT or AT.
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