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    SOLD San Jose, Ca: 1995 FZJ80 stock - not locked

    glad you're liking it Drew. sounds like it's in good hands!
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    SOLD  San Jose, Ca: 1995 FZJ80 stock - not locked

    $6500 -no lockers Clean Clear title in my name. Current registration good through January 2021 ~250k miles located in santa clara, ca. Minutes from San Jose International (SJC) airport if you want to fly in and drive it home i'd drive it anywhere passed smog 10/5/2020 but will throw a P0401...
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    For Sale 3fe fuel injector cores, Santa clara CA 95050

    Bump Dropped price, i was way overpriced Offers considered, please pm for serious inquiries
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    For Sale  3fe fuel injector cores, Santa clara CA 95050

    $80 + shipping to US I never followed through with the idea of getting these cleaned/balanced and swapped into my fj62. Maybe you will They should be in working condition but I can not confirm that. Orings are dry and will need to be replaced
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    ATS turbo kit identification: 1990 GM 6.2

    this might be a little out of scope, so my apologies if it is. I just acquired a 1990 k2500 GMC truck with an ATS turbo kit on it and i'm not sure exactly which one it is, the 088 or 085 version... mostly because these kits seem to be pretty much orphaned by their manufacturer at this point and...
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    For Sale santa clara, ca fj62 and fj80 FSM

    sent you a PM georg
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    fj60 pedal buket fj62 manual transmission conversion

    Please PM to be sure you get my attention pedal bucket for a manual tranny swap into an fj62 brake and clutch pedal included $100 shipped to lower 48 paypal accepted as "gift" or you add %5 to cover paypal fees
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    The most simple radio ever--this is cool!

    any real world use of this thing yet?
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    For Sale  SF bay area fj62 manual trans conversion parts + doors and fender

    fj60 pedal bucket with brake and clutch pedal- $50 h42 transmission - $150 4speed transfer case with spacer - $150 fj62 passenger side front door: glass missing -$75 each (rear door and front fender gone) i would rather not ship this stuff, because i have no idea how and with my cruiser gone...
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    For Sale  285/75r16 REVO 2 on MRT steelies-bay area, ca

    bridgestone dueler at revo 2, 285/75r16 on 16x8 6x5.5" with 3.5" backspacing. they fit nicely on my former fj62 with OME heavy/heavy lift. located in santa clara, ca $700 obo IMG_20111113_101358 by biggerproblems, on Flickr lots of tread left lots of tread by biggerproblems, on Flickr
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    '86 FJ60 4in Lift Practicality

    the short answer is yes. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with a 4inch lifted 60 series doing lots of freeway miles. i'm sure i'm among many here that have done it in theirs. that said, the particulars of how it was lifted can negate my blanket statement above. this response probably...
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    Loading a motorcycle into a 60

    i put an sv650 sans engine in mine, laying down. tailgate gave not even a tiny s*** that the bike was rolling on it for a little while. with the front wheel removed it all closed up just fine too. of course the rear wheel was resting on the folded-forward rear bench ledge
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    For Sale  1989 FJ62 near san francisco

    SOLD blunt honest truth: the engine is showing signs of high mileage because it has high miles. plugs 4 and 5 foul with oil. rings, valve seals, valve guides... all 3? i don't know and the price reflects this Please send a PM for fastest response Cliffs notes: 1989 Toyota LandCruiser...
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