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    Another Holiday Giveaway – LED dome lights

    Such a nice guy! Thank you for the opportunity!
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    Checking VSV for EGR easy way P0401

    Any leak in a vacuum system is bad. That hose definitely needs to be replaced.
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    Lights, Lights, and more Lights!

    How about a shot of the front bar turned on?
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    Power steering mystery

    I agree, it should never blow with normal conditions. I took the hose off of the reservoir, and the one off of the gearbox, and blew air through the cooler. It did not seem like there was a restriction so I put them back on and refilled the system. Everything seems to be working fine again. I am...
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    [B]Possible Oil/Fluid Leak Diagnosis - Photos[/B]

    After landing on my rear DS on a trail, my pinion seal was shot. It looked a lot like your initial pictures after the three-hour drive home. Check the oil level, disconnect the rear of the shaft from the rear diff, and see how much play is in that pinion shaft. If it doesn't feel like there is...
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    Power steering mystery

    I have noticed that it still steers easily on gentle curves, changing direction by 15 - 30 degrees our so. It is hard to make sharp turns, like a 90+ degree turn. I should be able to do some troubleshooting this week or weekend. Thank you all for your ideas! If anyone else has ideas, keep them...
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    Driving Tips for the FJ80 in Snow

    Flank is spot-on above. Test your vehicle's abilities each time you start driving in the snow. The best rule of thumb is this: rapid changes in speed and/or direction, of substantial magnitude or degree, are bad on anything but a dry road. This has saved my butt many times. As stated in...
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    Dented Drive shaft after wheeling. Bad Vibs

    I had not thought of getting my driveshaft re-tubed. I've had pretty bad vibration at 35-45 mph since the summer of '07 and running French Creek here in CO.
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    Power steering mystery

    Any idea as to why the system would be so stiff still? Could that be caused by a blockage up-stream from the gearbox, but down-stream from the pump? Should I check for a blockage between the gearbox and the down-stream side of the cooler first, or start looking for a replacement gearbox first?
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    Power steering mystery

    The hose that burst, as illustrated in the picture in the original post, is the one that goes from the gearbox to the cooler. If I understand correctly, that would mean that the direction of flow in this hose is from gearbox/firewall to cooler/radiator. From past experience, it usually seems...
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    Power steering mystery

    The first hose was 'yota original. The setting hose was from NAPA, and the third and fourth were from Advance autoparts. So three different vendors. However the worst result (most frequent failures) is from the Advance hose, roughly 3 months between replacements.
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    Power steering mystery

    Actually, in two of the four cases, hitting an obstacle which forced a hard and sudden change in direction is the likely culprit for the burst hose. The other two times I have not been able to divine a reason for the hose bursting. I have made sure to get power steering hose each time.
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    Power steering mystery

    The hose burst. It was far too new to have cracked. What concerns me now is that the PS system is full of fluid, but the steering is still as hard as when there is no fluid at all. Is it time to find a replacement gearbox and rebuild this one?
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    Power steering mystery

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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    Power steering mystery

    Okay, so this has me stumped. I bought my '93 FZJ80 back in '06. In the summer of '07 I went on a wheeling trip around Colorado. When we ran Chinaman Gulch, I hit an obstacle a little too hard on the passenger-side front and the low-pressure return line on the PS Gearbox blew and I lost all of...
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