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    For Sale  FJ60 Body/Tub (NorCal)

    Hi, I've got an 84' FJ60 body/tub for sale - 99% rust free, a few bumps and some roof gutter damage from lifting off frame. No doors, most of the interior has been stripped, would be a good candidate for a body swap for someone who has major rust issues. That was my plan, ended up going a...
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    60 Roof Questions: Replacing the entire roof...

    Hoping the community might be able to point me in the right direction. bump?
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    FJ60 Restoration thread...I h8 rust!

    Any chance you have an update? Thanks!
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    For Sale Whittier,CA - FJ60 ROOF AND A PILLARS FOR SALE

    Is this still for available?
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    Wanted Fj60 doors , central California

    Still looking for a set of doors? I got a set of four, not tan. Blue and Red. PM for details, located in SF. What are you willing to pay?
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    60 Roof Questions: Replacing the entire roof...

    Hi, my name is Al and have a rust problem. Ahh, first step taken care of. :rofl: Anyway, having recently gotten back into a 60, after a 10 year hiatus, I am yet again chasing rust. This time, it is bad, really bad. The entire rear gutter has rotted off, most of the drip rail is bubbled and the...
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    For Sale Sacramento 1986 FJ60

    Update: Decided to pass this particular rig. He won’t take less than $10k. Yes, it has some nice features.. but don’t let the “bling bling” distract you from the basics. #inrustwecrust #lowpsi Swooped on a different FJ w/4BTa. Thanks to those who chimed in on this tread on my help post.
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    For Sale Sacramento 1986 FJ60

    I appreciate second opinion on the surge, I’m all ears with an/all educated insight. Agreed, compression test is top of the list. Unfortunately drip rails are largely obstructed by the roof rack, I’ll give it a second look. Thanks!
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    For Sale Sacramento 1986 FJ60

    Totally, I’m hoping for a discount due to the smog gamble. Any idea why a rebuild with 50k wouldn’t pass smog? It has a distinct surge when running through the powerband between gears, almost seemed to be lacking power, not to forget the screeching from belts. Might it be as simple as checking...
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    For Sale Sacramento 1986 FJ60

    Thank you for this list, I’ll be reaching out to a few of them tomorrow. Much appreciated!
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    For Sale Sacramento 1986 FJ60

    Hey guys, I'm new to Ih8mud and a former owner of a Fj62. I'm looking at getting back into the FJ world. Like all of you, I've eyed this rig. Went to give it a glance, talked with owner and drove it around the block. Seller is super firm on the price and has had a handful of people walkaway. I...
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