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    Rear sill and quarter panel patch cost estimate?

    I bought a rear sil fit my 1971 FJ40 FST. I had a shop cut the old one out and weld in the new one. They also welded in metro for both rear quarter panel and did the body work. Cost me $1800 plus the sil. Looks like new
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    First FJ40, living the dream

    It's a great looking original truck. I have a 71 FJ40 FST Also in very original shape. My brother bought it new. I got this truck about a year ago. The brakes weren't great and pulled to one side. I replaced all the wheel cylinders and s new master cylinder. Now they work great. They can...
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    1971 F engine valave adjustment

    I did buy a go/no go gauge. it was hard too use on some valves were not easy to get to. I did measure the gaps while the motor was running, but its not easy, and I'm not sure how accurate. the threadsuggest you can do it while warm, but the book says running. I will try it that way and see how...
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    1971 F engine valave adjustment

    is there any way to adjust the valve clearance COLD? my manual only give HOT running specifications of exhaust - .014 and intake - .008 - if there is away to adjust cold- what would the valve clearance be? if it has to be done HOT- can you tell me the best way to adjust them Thank You Rick
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Replaced my rear sill. 1971 FJ40
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    OEM SoftTop Bow height

    I have an original 71 FST with original frame the height is 32.5 inches.
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    Kill switch

    Isn't there a fuel cut off jet that's already on the carb? Turn that off and the truck goes no where. It would be easy to switch that from the dash.
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    1971 fj40 field find

    I'm painting it now. The front is already done. If it was the original paint, I would have left it that way. My dad painted it back in the 80s. So I'm painting it again. I wish it was the original paint though. I would have kept it that way.
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    1971 fj40 field find

    Here's my engine compartment.
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    1971 fj40 field find

    I also have a February 1971 FST. My brother bought it new and has been in my family since new. It's all original, and has been sitting in my brothers barn in OK for the past 19 years. I got it a year ago and I'm restoring it. The frame is perfect and u just s a rear sill welded in. My...
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    1971. FJ40 FST marker lightS

    I'm repainting my truck. I'm putting my front side lights on now. Does the fat end of the side light gasket face the front or rear of my truck? I checked out pictures and I see it both ways. I'm sure one way is correct. Thanks Does the wide side of the headlight bezel go on the top or...
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    Are SOR Seat foam replacement best way to go?

    I used SOR foam last year. It's well worth the cost to me.
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    Show me your project.

    My 1971 FST. My brother bought it new and it's been in his barn for 20 years. Now it's mine and I use it. Restoration will start this winter I already did the seats. They were shot
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    Fj40 hard top question

    Thank you very much. The SOR option sounds perfect. I will do that. Thanks again Rick
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    Fj40 hard top question

    I have a 2/1971 FST FJ40. It has a hard top bolted on it. The hard top sides have the single side window. I notice there is a later model with the side window with vent windows. Will these side panels fit on my FJ40? I like the idea of rear vented windows. Thanks
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