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    For Sale Los Angeles 2002 LX 470 148,000 Miles, 2” Lift

    Nice rig! I am also a fellow LX driver in Echo Park! GLWS!
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    Wanted California 2000-2007 LC/LX

    If you haven't checked yet, Facebook Marketplace can have some great deals. I was able to pick my 01 LX on there for $5400. Had 300k miles but was one owner with all dealer service records. You might find someone that just thinks it's a used "old SUV" like I did.
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    What has everyone been paying for 100 series lately?

    I picked up an 01 LX this summer. Had 309k miles, was a one-owner vehicle, was taken to the dealer for nearly everything up until the last 30k miles(then taken to Pepboys), and was in SoCal its entire life. Cosmetics were overall decent. A few scratches and the interior is decent. Seats show...
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    Time for new springs?

    Copy that on Techstream. I will work towards getting that going. Yeah, I'm sure the bushings haven't been changed. I'll look into that as well. Thank you!
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    Time for new springs?

    Hello All, I have been reading through a lot of post about the AHC system in my 2001 LX 470. I was looking for some input about the rear springs. The vehicle has 310,XXX miles on it, it was a 1 owner car, prior to my buying it in June. And, I have nearly all of the service records for it...
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    craigslist 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser ARB - $17,990 Car Gurus

    Ouch! That tailgate rust.
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    I just added 285/75r16s to my 2001 LX470, and the only difference I have noticed with mine is a little more road noise. It is a very low-level humming that I was quickly able to forget about after about 20 minutes of driving on the highway. As for ride comfort, I can't tell the difference...
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    SOLD Los Angeles: 2003-2007 Land Cruiser/LX 470 WTB

    Found one locally. All set to roll.
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    SOLD  Los Angeles: 2003-2007 Land Cruiser/LX 470 WTB

    Hello, I have been cruising the forum for a while, and finally looking to get into a 100 series Land Cruiser or LX 470. This would be my first land cruiser. Looking to spend between $10-13k on one in good shape, that would be ready to take a long trip. I'd prefer it to be less than 200,000...
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