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    My experience buying sight unseen 2000LX TX to Michigan

    Tell us about the leather. That's nice work. Never mind, just found it but never heard of roadwire.
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    Timing belt change

    They say "drive belt(s) replaced" because some engines, such as the 1FZ-FE in the 80 series, have more than one accessory belt rather than one long serpentine belt.
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    Wheel questions, I suck at figuring offset

    This was given to me by Albert Einstein but he died before I got a chance to ask any questions.
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    What is the best, most complete AHC replacement kit on the market?

    I don't think you're going to get away with not telling us what's in the $800.
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    FREE  80 Series Carpet Set, Phoenix

    Gone - found a nice home in Hawaii. Free to a good home, decent condition, front row, second row and cargo mat, from a 1996 LX450, pick up in Phoenix or pay shipping from Phoenix 85018, 20 pounds.
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    For Sale  80 Series 3rd Row Seats, Phoenix

    Good condition, from a 1996 LX450, located in Phoenix 85018 $250 firm
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    Purchasing my first 100 in Portland, OR and looking for a PPI

    I think the 98 / 99 pre-electronic models will one day be big for export markets, and those folks tend not to care about rebuilt titles.
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    Arizona Valve Gasket Replacement Nightmare

    What a killjoy! First of all it can't be done in 5 minutes, takes at least 8. And then it's only going to last for 5 or 10 years, and then you're going to have to spend another 8 minutes on it.
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    Arizona Valve Gasket Replacement Nightmare

    Murphy is at Right Toyota in Scottsdale?
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    Is the repair estimate reasonable from my dealership?

    Just do the power steering fluid for $13 and don't ever go back there.
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    Gamiviti seat gears, the aftermath !

    Better than? The Gamiviti video is awfully good in my view. Try watching it twice, after you've looked at your seat.
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    P0420 & P0430 codes

    Try Youtube videos on P0420. There's a ton of them. It seems that nobody wants to buy cats.
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    Are 100 series VINs sequential?

    I'm 24638, an LX made in August 1998. Sales figured for the U.S. for 1998 model year were 10,978 for LX and 14,292 for LC. So it looks like LX and LC were numbered together for the U.S. market only. The 1998 model year started late, Jan 98, and ran late, at least August, maybe September 98.
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    Weighing value of Cruiser after worst case scenario

    99s? Where did that come from?
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    New here looking at purchasing a LC

    Get a Carfax. Texas has both cactus and alligators.
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