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    Parting Out 1996 White 80 Series Blown Motor

    Still have a white drivers side fender available?
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    Parting Out Nevada, Cali, Arizona 1991 FJ80 3FE Complete Part Out

    white drivers side fender? I don't need the flare if you wanted to keep that.
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    Parting Out 97 rust free in San Diego

    still have the drivers side fender? I don't need the flare.
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    Parting Out Parting 7 80s, lockers, 3FE, LXs, CE. lots of parts and always changing

    94, cruiser. I had to make a new hole on the pass side fender for that flare. It was from a 91.
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    Wanted  80 series White drivers side fender

    ISO an 80 series white drivers side fender that is in bolt on condition and has factory paint. No rust, dents or bodywork needed. I do not need the flare. I have no issue paying a freight company to come get.
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    Parting Out 1996 FJ80 in SoCal

    I need a white drivers side fender with no rust or body work needed. Bolt on condition with maybe a wash and buff only. I have a flare to use so don't need that. Have one available?
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    Parting Out 80 Series Parts *updated*

    White drivers side fender?
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    Parting Out 97 rust free in San Diego

    drivers side fender. Still have?
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    Comment by '92Cruiser' in media 'Tank2.jpg'

    LRA 37 gal for 80 series. I have it listed in the classified right now. I had another member ask how it sits under the truck so uploaded more pics. Are you looking for one? The pic shows it dirty but it cleaned up like new. Inside is mint.
  10. Tank1.jpg


  11. Tank2.jpg


  12. vI7OJweMSsiQkE9CVAdaPA.jpg


    Inside LRA tank #2
  13. jkW+ZVmmTZaC960C9ZPzsA.jpg


    Inside LRA tank #1
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