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    For Sale 1987 HJ-60V

    Wow, those are the longest shackles I've ever seen. Not factory, perhaps dealer installed but I doubt it. If the fronts are similar that could explain why it's not tracking straight.
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    For Sale 2007 fj cruiser 6 speed manual arb bumpers ome

    I thought this engine didn't have a timing belt?
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    For Sale 1987 HJ-60V

    In Anchorage, yes? Not a bad idea to list here, but I think best chance for selling it would be through local adds. I've posted up Alaska Cruisers found on our Alaska Craigslist for many years at MUD and they seem to generate very little interest. I also suggest fixing shifting issue and...
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    FJ Frame Failures

    I've looked at a couple around here where rust is starting to get started in the rear. Maybe they're just too young yet to have it bad. Optimistically, they'll never have the troubles as the first decade of 2000s 4Runners and Tacomas.
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    Can I trust my rig on family trips?

    Other critical systems that could leave you stranded besides cooling would be electrical and fuel. Usually auto transmission would be a concern for overheating but since you've had it redone perhaps not. Still may want to add a transmission cooler into the mix if you're doing much climbing...
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    Amazing 1996 FJZ80 with 55,400 Original Miles

    FZJ's came stock with Michelins? Impressive number of miles and years on them. It's a beauty!
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    Low Coolant No External Leaks

    No change after that? How much coolant are you losing?
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    For Sale Anchorage, AK FJ60 $1000 OBO

    Not affiliated. Wish I was there to take a look as it sounds like a good deal. Body appears very good. 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser
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    To Invest or Not To Invest?!

    That's a lot of money for the '04. I wouldn't pay that much for it. Dunno, maybe check Kelly blue book. Bed dimension? Must be the same-right?
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    For Sale 1970 FJ55 for sale San Clemente ca 10k

    Seat upholstery, door panels and Grateful Dead sticker alone are worth at least $1,000. Other than the roof rust doesn't look so bad-hard to say with the really awful looking black paint.
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    For Sale 1982 BJ42 in Missouri

    Typical 40 body issues would be the concern. No photos of rear sill., Is repaint hiding any bondo? Looks pretty darned good though!
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    Adding an FJ60 to the family - Bleu

    Hard to believe driver's seat is original and excellent condition after so many years and miles. Must have been a light weight owner. Lookin' very good! (But I don't like dash mat).
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    Help selling 60 and questions about Pirate

    Probably because it's highly modified. That limits hipster appeal too. What's the story on your 45?
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    My 2020 Heritage - Build Date 8/7, Ship Date 8/23

    Must be nice to have beaucoup bucks!
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    Climate change discussion and extreem weather events

    Alaska's smokin' summer makes the Washington Post...
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