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    Wanted NorCal/No. NV - Looking for clean 100/LX470

    I would up your budget and get this one. Toyota Land Cruiser, Low milage, Excellent Condition
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    Need Some Advice

    Or if it's the one in his avatar, I see no reason why he'd ever put them on again.
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    Front lower shock mount?

    It's part of the spring plate, not a separate bolt.
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    Need Some Advice

    My vote is for selling them now.
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    SOLD Found ALASKA: FZJ80

    That was fast, if response to PM sent above. Details? Let's see some more pics.
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    Ford vs. Ferrari

    Without giving much away about the movie, I will say that it informed me of something I had previously not considered, namely how important the timing of gear shifts are in racing. This also reminded me of how enjoyable it is to have control of the RPM and timing for this with a manual...
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    5th gen 4runner or LC100 ?

    Neither one would be a wise choice financially for a single person daily driver. Drive both and see what you think. I've driven the 100 series and thought it was awesome. Still, I wouldn't buy one unless the miles per year wouldn't be high. Too much money at the pump!
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    2007 6mt 140k mile FJ possible issues..

    That was my experience driving a colleague's manual FJ, with low miles, and I didn't like it. On this model my preference is the automatic.
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    craigslist  Salida, Colorado '72 FJ55 $8700

    Anyone know about this one? I like that it has the 3FE/4 spd combo, and it doesn't look too rusted out. Hard to tell though. 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55
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    Ford vs. Ferrari

    Did a search and this didn't come up, so hopefully not a repost. So, I know we don't drive fast cars, or maybe YOU do, but this is a must see IMO. Bale and Damon-great team.
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    Tough Dog shocks with 4+ ubolt flip kit - dilemma

    Can you return tough dogs and put OME shocks back on? If they're still good shocks that's what I would do.
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    Do you squat to pee?

    That's really lame. Even though I usually do sit down to pee, no fly is a no go IMO.
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    Do you squat to pee?

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    Do you squat to pee?

    "Dual defense". LOL. Isn't there a fly off to the side on front of those? Should be, or they're defective.
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    Advice needed — Wheels/Tires for a 2010 4Runner

    Not a lot of action in at this site for newer 4Runners. Maybe this forum? 05+ Tacoma, T100, Highlander BFG could be overkill for your needs but great tires, so you can't go wrong with them. Wheels-personal preference. Stock is usually the best with Toyotas, though I'm not a real fan of...
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