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    My 78' Barn find FJ45

    One down one to go!!
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    Outdoor Gear-Love and Hates

    My new Aioks (all in one kitchen system) finally arrived. This is the new kitchen kit from iKamper. I was hoping to try it out at GSMTR last weekend but that didn’t happen. Hopefully I’ll get to use it soon.
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    Builds 1963 FJ45L SWB Fixed Top "Sweet Simplicity"

    JP I wish there were a build thread on this rig!? I'm just sayin'!!
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    My 78' Barn find FJ45

    Jason I still like my iKamper very much! @jfz80
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    My 78' Barn find FJ45

    My new camp kitchen finally arrived. I’m looking forward to using it soon.
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    My 78' Barn find FJ45

    Ya gotta luv Outback Steakhouse decor. Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy!!!!
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Gotta luv Outback Steakhouse decor!
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    Aqualu Tub vs Stock Hard Top

    I have a friend that put an Aqualu tub on his 79’ and had a great deal of trouble mounting the hard top to it. I was not involved with his build so I don’t know why he had so much trouble with it.
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    not sure what to call this

    I’m pretty sure that was a 40 someone chopped up to make a 45 cab. Checkout the back window size, the smooth roof, the seam in the roof panel and rear cab seams at the door opening.
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    My 78' Barn find FJ45

    I was able to get the first bench completely sanded on both sides. The bottom of the first bench has three coats of Danish oil applied. BTW those black spots and lines are worm holes. Both pieces of wood are riddled wth them.
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    My 78' Barn find FJ45

    Pat the table and both benches are individual single piece slabs. The red is the results of the tree fight off an infestation like insects.
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    My 78' Barn find FJ45

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    My 78' Barn find FJ45

    Here’s an update on another project. Last fall I purchased the wood to make benches for the dining room table I built. I’m using Flaming Box Elder (it’s in the Maple family) with a live edge. I also tasked my fabricator with making legs for the benches to match the table base. I intentionally...
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