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    Parting Out 1987 hj60s part out

    any good front doors, tailgate and hatch
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    New BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2

    From my experience the Nokian has way better lateral stability than the Michelins( which 85% of winter accidents are cause by)
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    New BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2

    we hve some feedback already in 3000km. winter traction on ice and snow in -30c way better traction compared to the bfg all terrain
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    New BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2

    We are testing 7 sets on one of my commercial customers up here in Grande Prairie. they look really good in person. they have opened up the outside lugs. will keep you guys updated on the performance. We will be installing them in the next 2 weeks
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    Beware the Nitto warranty

    at about the 7:00 to 8:00 position. the long cords are from the belt package in the face of the tire. Just curious is the repair close to that area where the cords are hanging out?
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    Beware the Nitto warranty

    Was it repaired properly with a plug patch or just a repair inside the tire? If it was a patch on the inside water gets into the steel cords and the rust causes the belts to separate. As I see unraveled steel cords that's what it looks like happened. Better pictures would help. I have been in...
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    exhaust needed south of france HJ60

    did you try the tlc series 4 in the european clubhouse?
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    My 84 BJ60, the Nipperwagon. SOA, 35''s, Locked.

    Be glad to have a beer or two with you if you come up! I'll pm you my number
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    My 84 BJ60, the Nipperwagon. SOA, 35''s, Locked.

    Hey Spencer I bought your 60 from Andrew in sept. I ended up putting a grizzly locker in the rear. The old ARB had 3 bolts holding in together(one welded in) Just wondering if you still have the other body for sale?
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    89 hj61 lhd

    Well got her convinced that to end our holiday we should do the roll on roll off method and drive back across Canada(Halifax to BC) Just waiting for quotes!!!
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    HJ61 - Am I Crazy?

    What part of France are you in? Were staying in the Dordonge region right now(till the end of june)
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    Tire Cages

    was not trying to be melodramatic, but when I was 16 I was airing up a grader tire and checking the air when the back bead let go(broken bead wires) it blew me about 10 feet in the air and about 25 feet across the shop. It also blew the back right out of my coveralls.over the years I've...
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    Tire Cages

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    Love those pizzas on the grill...!

    were over in France right now and have had a ham, mushroom and a egg(runny yolk) on a thin crust pizza. cooked in a wood fired oven. Delicious:)
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    See you next Sept

    here's some in the Rhone Alps and the other is the "wildest" wheeling so far(in 2 wheel drive I might add)
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