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    Depos but not NeonDials

    So although shipping a while, they are legit glass lens Depo’s? Do seem good quality? Do you think they are the same manufacturer? Thanks,
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    Depos but not NeonDials

    These are clear lenses as opposed to refracted (I think that’s the right word) lenses. A lot of guys like the look of these and others prefer these for properly done HID projector retrofits. Basically, when using any newer lighting technology other than a different halogen bulb, these are needed
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    Depos but not NeonDials

    Has anyone tried these depos from Latvia? I’m sure they import them just like NeonDials does. Maybe just a more cost effective solution. I emailed them and they said they are made of glass. I’d be up for buying them and reviewing them for Mud but disposable cash is isn’t my strong suit...
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    Freezing Doors and Locks etc.

    All these ideas make sense. I agree that it has something to do with water inside the locks. I’ve actually been going through the touchless carwash a fair amount trying to keep her clean as some of the boroughs (counties) up here use salt on the roads. I don’t want to gum up the locks so I’ll...
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    Freezing Doors and Locks etc.

    I know this sounds lame to most of you guys since at any given time there’s at least one thread complaining about overheating, but it’s cold in Alaska. A couple months ago I picked up my third 80 series. Lately my lock cylinders on both the driver and passenger side are freezing up. Literally...
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    For Sale LX450 Running Boards Portland

    LX450 running boards in good condition with hardware and plastic end caps. Boring, Oregon. $50 Rick
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    Parting Out 97 with wood grain dash and door panels, etc, Tan interior

    Do you have a matching pair of headlights (95-97 LC) and a front grill? Shipped to 99645. Rick
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    SOLD *SOLD* 1997 40th Anniversary FZJ80 - NY

    Looking for both headlights and the front grill shipped to 99645. Thanks, Rick
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    Parting Out 97 rust free in San Diego

    Both headlights and grill shipped to 99645? Thanks, Rick
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    Parting Out 1997 FJ80 Good stuff!

    Both headlights and front grill? Shipped to 99645? Thanks, Rick
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    For Sale 1994 FJ80 flares and flaps DENVER

    Want to sell the front flaps only? Thanks, Rick
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    For Sale Triple Locked 40th

    This seller has several other 80’s for sale and they always post Carfax as well as those engine pics. I suspect they’re trying to hide something on this one. Ask for the Carfax...
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    '99 No Start / What's it worth?

    Sounds good guys, thanks for the collective wisdom. Rick
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