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    For Sale NM FJ60/FJ62 Fuel Tank Straps

    Sure are. I'll be back in New Mexico late Saturday.
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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    That's where the transfer case in my '89 FJ62 was grounded from.
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    Wanted Early '73 FJ40 Accelerator Cable Bellcrank and Rod Assembly

    Thanks, Mark. I'll call you at the shop tomorrow.
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    Wanted FJ60 Driver Side Fender Wyoming

    Do you need an inner fender? I've got one for sale cheap:
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    Wanted 73 Manual Steering Box Breather

    I've got one, PM sent.
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    What the hell is goin on in Jimmy's Barn

    With the encouragement of @ceylonfj40nut and @CenTXFJ60, I've decided to paint my '71 FJ40 myself - going with Spring Green. Our niece just moved from Houston to San Antonio earlier this year, so a trip to Jimmy's barn would be a good trip for my wife and I.
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    60 doors on 62

    FJ62 front doors also have a hole for the power mirror wiring.
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    What the hell is goin on in Jimmy's Barn

    Room for an observer?
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    60 doors on 62

    For my '86 FJ60 build I swapped in the rear hatch from my '89 FJ62 donor vehicle. I had to repaint the hatch, but I figured it was easier than having to fabricate and install sheet metal to mount the rear hatch lock/actuator.
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    What the hell is goin on in Jimmy's Barn

    A little bird (Hint: What are the 3rd and 4th letters in the alphabet?) told me there may be some single stage paint work coming up soon in the barn, is that correct?
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    60 doors on 62

    The FJ62 power window regulators bolt right up to the FJ60 inner door shell. For those upgrading an FJ60 up to FJ62 power windows, you'll have to cut a new hole into each of the FJ60 rear doors to accept the wiring harness.
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    Removing wires from connectors

    Another tool I used which is just about the right thickness and stiffness is a long flat metal wiper blade insert.
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    3/69-9/69 Carb Diagram

    First off, welcome to MUD. I believe this is the diagram you're looking for:
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