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    Right tire sizes for OME 2.5" lift?

    Honestly I think 33's with the 2.5" are perfect, at least for me. I have stubby legs, I can just barely slide a buttcheek over the seat to climb into the drivers seat and still look dignified. No climbing!
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    Shaky mirror fix 2 minutes 2 zip ties

    Worked for me! Only problem is on that mirror I can no longer adjust up and down via the controls. Manually works fine. I'll live :)
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    Check me on something - rough idle, code 26

    94 80 series, total battery failure and it sat with battery installed for several weeks while I was out of town. Changed out the battery, it idled rough as hell for a few starts while the ECU figured things out again, then settled down and ran normally. By rough I mean it was killing itself on...
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    Black Rhino 13 Killed in Motorcycle Accident

    Dud this out of an old email chain with Chris: Clark Industrial, I had them sand the chrome down and then powder coat them with a two step process, they look like polished aluminum. They look great. I think I may have gotten a pretty good deal. They normally charge $50.00 per rim, but I knew...
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    Black Rhino 13 Killed in Motorcycle Accident

    No idea how to get hold of her, but I did spot her last week driving down Reserve in it.
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    Jerry Can Tie Downs for 4x4 Labs 3 can holder?

    oh, you are talking about water cans? That wouldn't work for those. I think you are back to something in the rack. Maybe you could do a cable lock on the tab you push in to open the cap? Seems like a hassle and super easy to break though.
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    Jerry Can Tie Downs for 4x4 Labs 3 can holder?

    This: Wouldn't take much in the way of tools to circumvent, but other than something in the rack itself blocking access I'm not sure what would work.
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    Jerry Can Tie Downs for 4x4 Labs 3 can holder?

    I use a simple 1" nylon strap. Honestly, with 3 sceptre cans the only way they are coming out on their own is if the truck rolls. I also made a custom length cable lock using a harbor freight cable crimper and some 1/4" hardware store plastic coated cable to make it less convenient to steal...
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    Low/Rough Idle on 94 Landcruiser

    Fixed this today on my 94. It was sudden onset, actually stalled out the truck going around a corner. Issue was a couple of vacuum tubes I bumped loose changing the oil today.
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    German wirehaired pointers

    So, you sell GWP's? Looking at your facebook page all you seem to do is sell paracord bracelets. What about your dogs, upcoming litters, pedigrees, awards, and etc?
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Took my little brother to the cabin. Cruised a bunch of old mine and logging roads. The big event - taught the kid to drive. His first time ever driving was in an 80 series in 4Lo crawling up a trail. Had a few close calls almost tagging trees when wasn't turning the wheel enough but we made...
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    Weathertech digifit front liners for 80 series are here

    Got mine! I don't have the factory hooks and I don't think the rig ever had them? Had to trim the driver side one a bit to work around my fire extinguisher. However it holds the mat in place so it works out.
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    So... Well Just Have To Ask.

    Missoulian here, there's several of us.
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    Costco Healthy Weight Dry food....what do you think?

    Isn't that made by Diamond who have had all the recalls of late?
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    Block heater effectiveness

    I've got the freeze plug kit, been plugging it in all week and it does help. It's been zero or a little less all week and is supposed to be -10 tonight.
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