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    Sumitomo 16 way connector source

    I had a quick chat with Jim at Eastern Beaver and he said he didn't have one. I will check with the Corsa-technic folks. Thanks for the leads!!
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    Sumitomo 16 way connector source

    Anybody got a lead on a pair of these Sumitomo brand connectors (Toyota part# 90980-10560 and 90980-10561)? The Sumitomo part# is 6240-5033 if that helps. I'm trying to make up a pigtail for auxiliary lights on my 1992 HZJ73. Attached are two pictures for reference. Any leads or help is...
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    1992 HZJ73 trailer wiring question

    As the title says, I have a 1992 HZJ73 and I am in the process of hooking up some auxiliary lights for a rear bumper. I found a 6 pin plug at the rear of the truck that isn’t being used and looks like it might be a factory installed plug for trailer lights. I put a meter on the pins and the...
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    For Sale 1987 4Runner, Moms truck, $10K Firm, Sheridan, WY

    Sent you a message....
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    70 Products -- TRAIL TAILOR

    I have a 1992 HZJ73 and would buy a set of sliders if available.
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    Mark's Off Road Warehouse Fire Thread

    Thinking of you and your family my friend! Tough times indeed.
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    2020 BHCC?

    It's an annual trip that is organized and run by the folks at Expedition Utah. It's a trip they started back in 2009 (?) to celebrate old school camping and four wheel drive trips that we all took with our parents and grandparents. The trips are usually mellow with some mild four wheeling...
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    For Sale New and a few used OEM workshop manuals, owner manual and electric diagrams for 70 series !

    Interested in a set of books pertaining to a 1992 HZJ73 when you get some.
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    SOLD Charlotte, NC, 1992 HZJ73

    This would make a terrible daily driver in the CO mountains. It needs to be in Wyoming!! :p
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    For Sale SOLD 1991 HZJ77 ZX Toyota Land Cruiser Eastern Alabama.

    Mike - I tried to PM you but your in box is full. Interested and have a few questions. Thanks!
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    SOLD West Coast- 95-97 FZJ80 or LX450

    message sent...
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    Jump and the net will appear-Extended Adventure-July15-August 4, 2019

    Wish I was there to listen to the music. Oh yeah....Thanks again for the coffee mix!!
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    OEM Rims

    I see what appears to be a rivet in the second picture down.
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