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    Wiper linkage part for my ‘77

    Do you know anyone with a lathe? It wouldn't be too difficult to make.
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    Is this an issue?

    Stake the pinion nut before bolting up the driveshaft.
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    UPDATED - T case issue - still need help: clunk clunk at slow speed?

    In the last video it appears that the flange on the pinion is bent and hitting the axle housing at the same tempo as the clunk.
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    [HJ61] How to slide the window into this channel?

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    Help me identify the breed

    Burmese Mountain Dog maybe.
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    Steering wheel lock during towing

    use bungie cord to return steering wheel back to center. when flat towing the wheels need to be able to turn (side to side).
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    Mystery parts

    hinge part for soft door
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    Creosote based coatings to prevent rust

    Creosote is a carcinogen and I'd avoid it whenever possible, bad stuff. Especially dangerous when it burns. It has been used as a preservative for wood on power poles and railroad ties. Find something better suited for the intended purpose.
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    Show and tell

    rear heater leads
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    Confused, what parts do I have?

    Thanks, those are the parts that I had to source later so I have them. The ones that came with the hardtop that I bought were different though, They are crimped together on both edges and don't have any bolt holes/captured nuts anywhere. Basically the same shape overall without the hooks on...
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    Confused, what parts do I have?

    I could use some expert guidance on a body part question that I have. I bought a used hardtop (sides, cap, rear liftgate, and bows that go above front doors) to replace the one I foolishly didtched many years ago. My question concerns the door bows. Everything was dissassembled when I...
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    1967 FJ40 Back to Basics

    First off, nice mostly original 40. Secondly I like the fabricated mount for the remote oil filter that uses the windshield washer bottle mount. It must have a header? Thirdly, It looks like when they did the rear sill they didn't make 2 (well 4) holes for the hook to attach. Is there any...
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    My rusted 1972 FJ40 rebuild

    Israel does nice work.
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    3/72 Steering wheel Spoke.

    Yes, down.
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    wiper blade ID

    Keep the thumbscrew and the hook that it holds to the arm and get rid of everything after that. The hook then slides into the slot on the wiper blade that you got. The old blade assy should slide off the hook.
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