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  • PXL_20210108_205418016.jpg
    I am having a hard time visualizing where the slot is. Can I just put a dollop of RTV black on my finger and just rub it around everywhere in that...
  • Hardtop pics
    Ok. I will keep an eye out. I purchased bows for a hard top last night, so the hard top search has slowed.
  • PXL_20210108_205418016.jpg
    One tip, I never use Carb or Brake cleaner near O-ring or rubber seals; the Acetone can/will damage them. So I use mostly non-solvent based...
  • PXL_20210108_205418016.jpg
    That is the general location of the leak shown in the photos I posted. It's hard to see with everything in the way. Try taking a photo with a...
  • cant id.
    Built 3/6/83 looks like Warn industrial series 9 . Check www. winch service parts you should be able to find the replacement parts list there.

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