hat clip

hat clip

From Lowes
1/8 ID Hair Pin Clips .062 x 19/32"
sku 008236714852
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Thanks for the tip on the hat clip! I went to the local Toyota dealer, and they didn't have the star clips in stock and had to special order it - something like $3+ each. Was able to get the hat clip from the Lowes and put the back seat back together.

I made one horrendous error though, and in a careless rush of inattention - thought the rear lever was pushed to the other side, and cut a huge hole on the wrong side of the lever (having read to be careful not to cut right where the lever was poking at the vinyl as it was coming out at an angle). So stupid and frustrating! Patched it with a piece cut from of the vinyl sheets I didn't use. Should have double checked my pictures before proceeding with the cut...

The very worst parts of the doing the seats was trying to get the 2nd row seat back plastic j-hooks to latch. It took forever with lots of sweating and pulling and some cursing, and lots of help from the wife. There has got to be some sort of trick to it. In the end, I used a curved pick to the get the length of the lip over the other so they'd slide together.

So now I have my front seats, center console, arm rests, and one 2nd row seat done. Have one last 2nd row seat to go. It's taken me an average of a 2 days per seat to do. It would have been worth it to pay someone else to do it if I knew of a place I can trust to do a good job...

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