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  • Land Cruiser Jack Reference (1958-84)
    very nice , Thanks
  • Toyota 1/2 Ratchet
    Thats awesome, i will have to pop it up on here, maybe someone has (2) 1/2" drive ones like me with the 3/8" . Yes they do feel great, i also...
  • Toyota 1/2 Ratchet
    hey @fj40ingkc - I really do not anyone looking to part with a 1/2 at the moment. This has been a personal treasure hunt to find the other...
  • Toyota 1/2 Ratchet
    Hi @lp2k , looks like a nice tool, do you know anyone selling one of the 1/2" ratchets? I have a 3/8" i may sell or trade, looks nearly the same...
  • Inside valve cover
    This is a great picture, do you mind if I use it as a demonstration on talking about soot and carbon build up?

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