wondering about this? what's the driver? Stock enclosure and amp or?
interested in details and how it's sounding. i need a touch of umph to match my new fronts.
06 LX

-Tang Band W6-1139SIF 6-1/2" Paper Cone Subwoofer. Keep in mind that I had to widen the diameter on the box to make it fit
Parts Express

MDF 3/4 thick spacer ring. That Tang Band is too tall. Ran out of subwoofer options that clear the box. They all didnt work to my liking.
Ebay link

I believe I am Running 2x of the 8ohm 20W resistor inside the box wiring to prevent drawing too much power from the amp

Sounded extremely great and responsive but the box started to suffocate BIG time with more volume. Started drilling holes and that solved it 100% but the boom effect started to reveal itself. took some tuning but those are the amount of holes I drilled, covered it with a micro fiber and its secured with rubber strap holding the spare tire tools. The chuffing I created is now gone :) . Now its at a happy medium with a touch of boom which I like. Makes it more theater like. Seat vibrates now on the road if needed👌. Custom panel is required as the stock one wont fit. Working with @BenCC On a 3D printed one.

Previous sub replacements included stock sub twice, CDT Audio & Audiopipe. Sounded great but could not survive my needs unfortunatley. suffocating the box made the aftermarket units fail early

Apart from the resistors added, it's running off the stock amp. No issues with power or the sub. Might have time to get my 2nd version of a 3D printed panel installed
That's awesome! I did something similar but it's sucking. I had two 5/14" drivers with pretty long throw. Cut the box and glued a new wood front to it and mounted them. They sound ok, but not moving as much air as I thought. Maybe i should try the drilled baffles. I'm thinking at the very worst, i can replicate what you've done here. Thanks! You should post this!

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