GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

(under development)

GDPR states we must verify that the user's identity. While this law is specific to the EU, if your personal information was posted by you or another person and you are outside the EU, we will do our best to apply the law in a similar fashion. See Right to Erasure for information. To quote: “However, the identity of the impacted person must be proven in a suitable way, as otherwise additional information could be requested from the responsible party, or the erasure could be refused.”

To confirm your identity, please Contacts and be prepared to furnish all 3 data items:

  • Government issued ID with current address
  • Subject holding ID next to them + a piece of paper with the date and “ih8mud” written on it.
  • The most current utility, cable, phone, or credit card bill with the current address that matches the address in the Government issued ID.
You must be able to log into the user account you are requesting erasure and the history of the IP addresses must match up (i.e. hacking someone’s account and requesting erasure will not be tolerated).

GDPR dictates that the Right to Erasure is for personal data only. Forum posts (such as tutorials, discussions, private messages, profile posts, etc.), unless containing personal data, do not constitute as personal data. As per Article 17, 1(a) “the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;”. When signing up on the site, end users agree to accepting cookies, submission of their email address to be stored in our database, as well as logging IP addresses to ensure the safety of the community; in short, it is still necessary to retain these bits of personal data in interest of the safety of the public and to protect the rights and freedoms of other individuals. Data which is kept in the interest of freedom of information or for statistical purposes is exempt from the "Right to Erasure." For further information on the exceptions to the Right to Erasure, please refer to Article 17 (3), Recital 47, and Recital 49. If it is personal data that you posted in discussions and would like removed, it is up to you, the user, to point us to the exact posts containing your personal data that you posted. If you are a member still in good standing (not banned), please report the posts that you’ve posted that contains personal data. If a user has quoted you on previously public data, that situation does not fall under the Right of Erasure or Right to be Forgotten; however, if we feel it is a breach of your privacy, we will take appropriate steps to reconcile.

For unbanned users, you can navigate to your "Personal details" option (using the drop down on your name or clicking the link) to remove any previously submitted personal details that you wish to remove from the site. This feature is not available for banned users as we use it to cross reference those users that are subverting our rules on our "One account policy".

If you wish to subscribe or revoke your subscription to receive emails from us, edit who can view your account details, who can contact you, etc. you can do so on the Privacy and Preferences options in your users settings found in the user drop down.

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