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Hello Ih8muders, I have a 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser I am looking to trade for an FJ62 (automatic). If you are interested, please feel free to send me a message for further details. Here are a few pictures of the truck I am looking to trade. California owned and registered. No rust and it includes a lot of recent/new modifications.
I love my current FZJ80 but I miss my old FJ60 more... I purchased this FZJ80 in May of 2016 because I needed a daily driver and this was better suited for my needs than my old 60 series. I no longer need a daily driver and I am looking for a strong running and nice looking FJ or BJ60. Here are the details around my 1994 FZJ80: Purchased from another IH8MUD member in May of 2016. Amazing built land cruiser. Daily driver. What isn't perfect about it: It burns about 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles I just noticed a radiator fluid leak that I am tracking down, but other than the occasional top up, it is running smoothly. The electric windows are slow when it is wet or cold. ARB air lockers have been finicky - I believe there is a leak in...
Checking if anyone is interested in trading their 62 series for a built up and extremely well running 94 FZJ80 with fresh head work done by Torfab last year. Engine hums and idles perfectly and have driven it 1500 miles straight without stopping through some hot weather without skipping a beat. It's only been lightly taken off road mostly on washboards for camping purposes. Rust free. Non locked. Paint is aging a little with minor small dings, interior is cloth and in great condition. Looking to trade because I have another 80 have always loved 60s. Below is the work done a year 1 year ago. Mechanicals Complete head gasket and machining of head, internals and rebuilt of top end by Torfab Injector restoration All new OEM hoses New...

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