When do you use fuel system cleaner?

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by little_joe, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. little_joe

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    Holly Springs, NC
    I am referring to the products that are poured into the gas tank. Is it best to add them when your truck will be driven in a normal routine such as day-to-day driving so the stuff has time to sit? or before a road trip when it'll all be used up within a few hours?

    Does it matter?

    (Redline fuel system cleaner in this case, and I am 500 miles from home)
  2. dfmorse


    I just dump a couple of "glurk-glurks" in the tank every other fill up. Good stuff that RL-1.

  3. Proven


    I use RingFree in mine every once in a while. The stuff really cleans out the engine. Before I do it i clean out my tailpipe and after I do it I inspect just how much stuff blew out.

    RingFree is concentrated Techron molecules with a dispersent added to deal with varnish that is broken lose in the fuel system. I don't use a lot of the other fuel additives because after doing analysis of them they usually end up being 95% mineral spirits or kerosene which is not high on my list of things to dump in my tank.

    There is a stuff out there called STAR-TRON that makes all kinds of claims just short of growing hair back. It claims to be a enzymatic fuel conditioner to combat the "ETHANOL" problem. Like it is a problem to be combatted? The product contains .005% of their "Proprietary Forumla" and the rest is kerosene.

    I trust detergents that are proven in the industry, be careful what you buy.

    The way I introduce the Ringfree into the tank is through nearly the same method as the previous poster...but I use a funnel with graduations and a on/off valve. 25 Gallon tank takes 4 oz's of product if I just want to do a maintanance dose and 15 oz's if I want to eat off the pistons.

    You only find it at Yamaha dealers and I found out about it because I work for them, and I used it while I rode YZ's with powervalves. Really made a great difference in performance.
  4. jonheld


    New Jersey
    I use the redline product. I dump a bottle in before a fill up on the way to a long trip. I like to burn it all.
  5. Hants


    Behind the bar
    I use BG44K. 2 cans the last tank before an oil change.
  6. turbocruiser

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    I too use BG44K. :cheers:
  7. 80 Cruiser Rod

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    South Jersey
    Startron marketed by Starbrite and also sold as Soltron by NAPA is used mostly by boaters. It was actually invented by the Japanese a while ago. It's main purpose is the break down water to such a small molecule that it will then burn thru any size jet or injector. I use is on my boat and it has been a God sent to all boaters battling ethanol. It also cleans carbon from valves and other engine parts.

    It will not grow hair but if it could I'd put it on my head too.

    As for the gas additive I use Chevron's Techtron maybe every 2,000 miles.:flipoff2:
  8. Capocaccia


    I dump a can of sea foam in every few fill ups or so.
  9. zcruiser

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    Hillsborough, NC
    Might want to read up on the other discussions on fuel cleaners and fuel additives. Since your question was "when?", I think the point is to run it through the injectors, not to let it sit in the tank so I would say right before a long trip is a great time to put it in.


    Aside from dry gas or other moisture-removing applications, most high quality gasolines have enough detergent packages already in the chemistry - true. Resist the urge to tinker and waste money, could be doing more harm than good. That said, I stick to Chevron/Texaco (w/techron) or Shell - usually 93 octane.:beer:
  11. turbocruiser

    turbocruiser SILVER Star

    Correct, the idea is to run the stuff through all the injectors as rapidly as possible, I use the BG 44K every 10K and try to do it just before I change the oil. My last oil change I put the 44K in at 4500 miles, ran it through the tank for the 280 or so miles I did that day on the highway, and then ran the Shell V-Power (only thing that I use) for the remainder of the 300 or so miles till the oil change. It is not going to give much good just sitting in the tank and I don't think that it is AS good to do short trips through the city as in commuting; the engine needs to really warm up and open up to get the best results. HTH> :cheers:

  12. turbocruiser

    turbocruiser SILVER Star

    Bounder that isn't totally correct; you would be so surprised to see the crap that collects throughout the engine even with super good gas. Products like BG 44K, the Chevron Techron that I used to use exclusively in my classic cars and probably also the Redline SI1 that I have heard good things about are all able to really strip significant deposits from the injectors, combustion chamber, exhaust manifolds and in the case of the 44K even the exhaust system and the catalytic system. Further, I would argue through experience with everything from my classic cars to my modern cars that no matter how good the gas is, the PCV system is the primary polluter within the engine and that these products probably do as much to clean the crap put in by the PCV system as they do to clean the crap put in by dirty gas. Eliminating the dirty gas is only part of the solution here, as long as you have a regular PCV system with no catch can, yer gonna get all sorts of stuff in the engine that will need a super strong cleaner to cut through. HTH. :cheers:

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