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Discussion in 'Trails - Events - Expeditions' started by htmauk, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. htmauk

    htmauk Regular Member

    Hey Fellow cruisers,

    I am a producer on History Channel's new TOP GEAR USA. If you are familiar with the British version then you will know our show. I want to apologize in advance for this episode I am producing will not include cruisers... dont hate me.

    I am writing you because we are doing an alaskan episode featuring the toughest american trucks. I am trying to find out if anyone that did the Alaska Cruiser expedition can send me some information about what trails and river crossings you did leading up to the glaciers. Did you drive on Glacier 13 or was it Gakona Glacier. I just started on the show today and figured I would use the mud forum to get some much needed intel into the area.

    Here is the basic plan. We are looking for some river crossings, glaciers to drive up to or even on, and a lot of difficult terrain in between. We plan to shoot this second week of august, starting in Anchorage and working our way to the Dalton Highway. Are any of the trails you crossed linked to the Iditarod? Basically I am trying to get up to speed and figure out exactly where to go.

    I am also looking for some metal fabricators, welders, suppliers for a challenge near fairbanks. Any information you guys can provide would be great.

    I am tempted to just drive my BJ40 up there and have my own adventure on the company dime... but know that this is not possible.

    Thanks for any information you may have.


    Hayden Mauk
    Top Gear USA
  2. NorCalLC

    NorCalLC Regular Member

    Sacramento CA
    Hayden, love the show. You should also post up this info on ExPo : Vehicle Dependent Overland Community
    I'm not sure if you know of it.

    There's a full size rig section (lots of American builds) and a good bit of the group are from Alaska. There's also a regional section and I believe Alaska's in there. Lots of great people with a lot of talent as well. There's a lot of talent here also, we just prefer to use it on Toyotas.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2010
  3. retrofive

    retrofive SILVER Star

    so. oregon
  4. Tapage

    Tapage Club 4X4 Panamá SILVER Star

    please let us know when you got all the Cruisers in tape and ready .. I would not miss this episode ..
  5. cruiser88

    cruiser88 New Member


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