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    I've been looking for snorkels for my BJ40...All I've seen (I assume FJ40 snorkels) are mounted on the driver's side pillar, Does it not make sense to mount it on the passenger side pillar for a BJ40? it's only inches to the air filter box right? I've only seen the ARB and Safari..any others I should look at? or is a homemade one the way to go? Woudl appreciate comments...
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    Here in Finland 40 series are mostly BJ, and people have made their snorkels on passenger (right) side. I think snorkel is too simple to pay much for, you can easily do your own.
  3. All the snorkles attach to the LH side from what Ive seen.
    This is because they were originally made for the RHD aussie market and having it on our drivers side(RH) partially obscures the drivers view(only a small amount).
    As the numbers of 40 seres are dwindling I dont think they will ever make one to fit the RH side.

    As FinHJ60 says ,you can make some nice ones with some thought. Donaldsons Filtration sell the tubing ,the elbows and the pre filter to make your own from 2in to 6 inch diameter.
    Dont use plastics that go brittle,break and get sucked into the engine
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    Nova Scotia advertise a passanger mounted snorkle in the 40 section of their on-line store.
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    Oz isn't the only ones to get Cruisers yah know.......:rolleyes:

    (trying to be funny)

    There are lots of snorkles for cruisers that mount on the RH side of the vehicle.

    Almost all the 60 series ones I have seen, and I have seen 40 series ones on the RH side too.

    I think it depends on what engine you have, not which side you drive from. But I could be wrong. As gassers 40's I have seen it also on the LH side, but BJ rh side for the intake to be close.

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