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ROTW White Shark's White Shark

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by White Shark, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. White Shark

    White Shark New Member

    Red Triangle
    Okay, here's the deal. These are a few pics I've had kicking around. I'll post more on Thursday. It's a crazy week at the office.

    92 V8J80

    Engine Stuff:
    350 tbi Chevy mated to A440F with Advanced Adapters Plate
    Late 60's Chevy Corvette RamHorns exhaust manifolds
    Fat HEI ignition
    dual electric fans on aftermarket metal top radiator
    (this will be replaced with a Ron Davis Dual Pass / Dual Fan unit shortly)
    High Performance starter
    cross over exhaust tied into a Magnaflow muffler
    Summit Racing Mechanical Oil Pressure and Water Temp Gauges
    Raised breathers for T-Case, Diffs, Tranny, etc.
    Dual Orbital Batteries with Perko Marine selector switch
    Safari Snorkle
    ARB Air Lockers Front and Rear

    Ome 850 / 863 with OME N73/74 shocks
    OME steering stabilizer
    1" Mr. Tuffy spacers up front

    American Racing black 15 x 8
    Pizza Cutter mud terrains siped 33 x 9.5

    Protection and Stuff
    ARB with Warn 8k (traded a free nail gun for the winch :D)
    Full Length Kaymar Tradesman Rack
    Hella 500's

    Recovery Stuff
    50 ft. 3/8" grade 60 chain
    40 ft. 3/8" grade 70 chain
    60" HiLift
    Rescue 42
    Husqvarna Rancher 55 chainsaw with 18" bar and commercial chain
    4 screw down shackles
    6 Ag shackles
    3- 30' snatch straps
    1 Warn Snatch Block
    A bunch of SAE and Metric tools
    Military Issue folding shovel
    18" Flares (12)
    First Aid kit
    Fire Extinguisher
    40 Channel Cobra CB with 4' Firestick antenna

    Cool Stuff
    It's paid off
    Limo Tint
    Lived in interior
    Stock Mud proof floors (they wash right out)
    Chicks dig it and guys want one

    I don't rock crawl, so I haven't bothered to make sliders yet. I am more into overland expedition stuff. Going slow sucks. I have a Lincoln Pro Mig 135, and plenty of steel lying around, but I haven't built sliders and a new swing-away rear bumper yet. I have 2 new 4x4 Labs spindles/pivots sitting in the box with the latches for when I get around to whipping something up.

    I have put 15k on the engine since the swap and it's awesome. With the fuel costs though, even though I went from 10 mpg up to 14 mpg with the 350, I still want a diesel. The adapter and the mounts are the same for the 350 / 5.7 and the 6.2 and 6.5 engines. I'm looking around for a 6.5td so I can start brewing biodiesel. It should be an easy drop in to replace the 350.

    California requires that the original diesel fuel tank and lines have to go in too, so I will likely up the fuel capacity from the stock 25gallons up to 40-50 gallons. Biodiesel costs .40 a gallon to make and I have a supply availability of 200 gallons per week. Sweet! 200 gallons for $80 will be cool. It beats $3.00 x 200 = $600!

    Anyway, this thing kicks butt. I wash it with my powerwasher at least twice a year out of consideration for my neighbors unless it's super muddy, then it gets a bonus wash. White paint rules. It is a work truck pure and simple. I have to drive offroad everyday and typically in 10" dust and mud dependent on the season. I've managed to keep it out of water deeper than the door handles and it's never had any major issues. I've used it to work in Construction, Agriculture, Archaeology, and Safety. I still do most of these things simultaneously. The dual ARB lockers are worth having. I've never gotten stuck too deep where I've had to winch out, I've always driven out. Of course that sometimes takes a half hour or so....:D :cheers:

    By the way, CookieMonster is giving all of you his salute of the day. :D

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    Last edited: Sep 6, 2005
  2. White Shark

    White Shark New Member

    Red Triangle
    Another Cookie shot and my $7.00 bulletproof, custom conduit brace, HiLift / Kaymar mount.

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  3. Biff

    Biff New Member

    Los Angeles
    Very nice rig, I love the space in the engine compartment it seems so spacious and easy to work on. If you have a pic of the dual fans I would love to see one.
  4. White Shark

    White Shark New Member

    Red Triangle
    Yes, it's a Deere and it's freakin awesome, but the Cat Challenger 45 is cheaper and just as good. I do like this Deere though. It's pretty smooth.

    Before I hung the rust covered chain on the ARB. This is as clean as it will ever get.

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  5. HawkDriver

    HawkDriver New Member

    No. Ogden, Utah
    Looks real nice. I like white trucks. Damn that's a sweet looking engine bay. So you got any good action pics?
  6. White Shark

    White Shark New Member

    Red Triangle
    Ask and ye shall receive...
    This setup will soon be replaced with the $700 Ron Davis beauty. :D

    Dual pass with dual electric fans. Super cool for sure.

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  7. White Shark

    White Shark New Member

    Red Triangle
    No wheeling pics right now, but I'll try to get some poser shots posted. I'm not much for showing off while wheeling. I'm usually offroad to get someplace. I don't care to wheel much for the sake of fun. It's more to get to a hunting spot or to get to work. Occassionally it's to take the kids out somewhere.
  8. reffug

    reffug New Member

    'in dat der briar patch'
    Shark nice rig. :cheers:

    Minister of 80's division Propoganda and Subterfuge Stamp Of Approval given. :D

    How bout some action shots of the John Deere track tractor for my little boy. :cool:

    Those things freakin rock. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
  9. loquito

    loquito New Member

    your rig is nice and so far the most differant :D
    So were you saying earlyer that you got 10 mpg out of the old engine and 15 mpg out of the sbc? I got just the opposite 10mpg with the small block ford bronco and around fifteen with the Toyo.
  10. HawkDriver

    HawkDriver New Member

    No. Ogden, Utah
    HUH??? :eek: What section am I in? Oh yeah the 80s. :rolleyes:

    Too bad, but yeah, wheelin point a to b is fun too. ;)
  11. LX_TREME

    LX_TREME New Member

    Pasadena, CA
    You not the only one :D Nice 350 :) by the way, are those Nology plug wires? How big .mm? Can you tell any different more power or just the same?

  12. NorCalDoug

    NorCalDoug problems solved daily... SILVER Star

    uhhhh...duh...Northern CA
    Very nice rig WhiteShark :)
  13. Silicon 70

    Silicon 70 New Member

    Hollister, CA
    Hey Shark,

    In your opinion, Do you think an LS1 engine can be swapped in? I've got a 92, I'm considering the option if its possible.
  14. Beowulf

    Beowulf New Member

    Nice rig Shark!

    Wow! That's some serious chain and must weigh a ton. :eek:

  15. MLX450

    MLX450 New Member

    Silverdale, WA
    Nice. That 350 looks good in the bay.
  16. Cattledog

    Cattledog New Member

    Portsmouth NH
    WOW. The 350 looks great. Very clean install. Did you do the engine swap? If so, what did you think of the AA kit? Could you get some pics of the exhaut routing?
  17. baxter650

    baxter650 SILVER Star

    Grand Forks B.C.
    Very cool Shark. How much room do you have between the rad and the water pump/fan pulley? Could you have used an engine fan and shrowd?
  18. semlin

    semlin rocker SILVER Star

    north of 49
    nice rig white shark. not sure I cvould get used to the frying pan in a toyota but the install looks very clean. how does the v8 match up against a 1fz?

    also, I ditto wulf man's comment on the chain. are you planning on mooring your boat with it?
  19. e9999

    e9999 You want to do what...? Moderator

    and you plan to cut down trees for extraction eh? or is that just in case one fell across the trail? :)
  20. DRTDuck

    DRTDuck New Member

    Boulder, CO
    How do you like the "Pizza Cutter mud terrains siped 33 x 9.5"?

    There was a recent thread comparing these to 285/75s. Your thoughts?

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