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  1. 1992 FJ80, 3FE 200,000 miles, all OEM parts from CDan

    Built for travel/expedition wheeling

    OME 850 front/863 rear Heavy Suspension/OME N71e(front) N73(rear) Shocks
    OME Steering Stabilizer
    31x10.5R15 BFG Mud Terrain Tires on Stock Alloy Rims
    2 Spare 31x10.5R15 BFG Mud Terrains on Stock Alloy Rims
    ARB Bumper with Ramsey Rep 8K Winch
    PIAA 120 XT Spotlights
    Safari Snorkle with Centrifugal pre-cleaner
    Factory Toyota Side Marker Lights
    Optima Red Top Main Battery
    Battery Isolator
    Remote Located Optima Blue Top Marine Battery
    Con-Fer Porthole Rack, 5'x8', modified to fit rooftop tent
    Expedition Exchange twin NATO can holder (On roofrack)
    Hannibal Rooftop Tent
    Hannibal Awning with side enclosure
    Engel 35 Refrigerator
    Constant 12V outlet on center console
    A-Pillar GPS mount for the trusty Magellan 4000XL
    Rear Cargo Floor with tie down rails
    Pioneer CD/MP3 player with XM Roady Receiver
    Pioneer Speakers in Stock Locations, 10" Subwoofer in rear
    George’s LEDs lighting
    El Cheapo Radio Shack CB, Firestick antenna on ARB with quick release

    Future mods...
    1HD-T Turbo Diesel, A442 Trans and T-Case....Gotta get Greg & Sheldon to return the ‘ol emails!!!

    CruiseBaja05.jpg BajaBeach2.jpg FJ80Front.jpg
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  2. Rear Cargo Rails (With rear seats out)

    Dual NATO can carrier

    GPS Mount on A-Pillar

    80RearSetup.jpg Dual NATO.jpg GPSMountsm3.jpg
  3. Rear Battery Box & Fridge

    Camping in Sedona, AZ

    Battery Box 3.jpg Cargo Area.jpg SedonaCampView.jpg
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  4. tacomafj-80


    el paso
    sweet rig-its got that pure outback look. :beer:
  5. Wow, very nice setup. Good work.
  6. Biff


    Los Angeles
    Very nicely equiped rig, I love the rear battery.
  7. Brentbba

    Brentbba Former Golfer SILVER Star

    The OC, CA
    Sweet H!
  8. I love the truck. Great long range set up. Are you pretty satisfied with the Hannibal tent? Some day (hopefully soon) I'll be in the market for a rooftop. Not sure which manufacturer to go with yet.
  9. barrypt5


    Portland, OR

    Do you carry your two spares when you go on your long trips??? I am assuming you carry them on your roof rack? Or do you still have one below and just put one on top? Have you considered a rear bumper with tire swing (or did you find it more economical just to get the roof rack and just put everything on top?)...or am i stupid and not see in your mod list you already have that?
  10. EDPA


    Seattle, Washington
    Very cool setup! Where did you get the Hannible awning/roof top tent? Do have any pic of the rear of the truck with ladder going up to the tent and/or with just the awning extentended? I'm curious to see how you get into that thing.
  11. cc93cruiser

    cc93cruiser CRUZAHEAD

    Hayward, Ca.
    Our first ROTW FJ80, wow what a great example...Love that tent! Have you ever considered more clearance for your under body with bigger tires?

  12. I love the tent...I was lucky that Junk happened to get a new trailer and his wife wanted more room in the garage, so I picked it up from him. Same with the awning.

    Most of the wheeling I do really doesn't require tires larger than 31", and the 3FE is already a slowpoke without adding extra tire to turn, so I've stuck with 31s.

    Because of the 3FE and power considerations, I've not added the extra weight of sliders or a rear bumper. One spare tire is in the stock location, and the other is on the roof rack when necessary.

    Here's a ladder access pic....

    HMRooftop.jpg AmigosBeach05.jpg
  13. FirstToy


    Wow what a setup, I love the Hannibal.
    More details on your cargo tiedown rails?
  14. Arleaux

    Arleaux SILVER Star

    14 mins from the bus
    Impressive -H-

    Thanks for another outstanding ROTW.
  15. The cargo rails are 6' sections of perforated galvanized angle from the 'ol Home Depot. I've bolted them down to the floor through a 3/4" plywood section to the factory tie down captured nuts and added small shackles which can move to where I need to strap stuff down.

    For trips, my gear is contained in Rubbermaid Boxes, and strapped down using ratchet bouncing or clanging around in the back!

  16. FirstToy


    Nice! I like that it's infinitely adj for different tiedown positions.
    The awning/standing room on the Hannibal is pretty sweet too. Great setup all around, inside & out- inspiring!
  17. nmostofi


    Sweet rig, nicely done, do you have a pic of the awing closed and how is it attached to the rack, is that a Pelican case that the jerry cans are resting on? If so what size? I am considering purchasing one for my recovery gear. Again very nice rig
  18. sethro


    Cool setup! All of your mods look to be super functional. Me likey.
    Also, looks like you've spent some time in Baja. I've done a fair amount of travelling all along the peninsula, and it's the main reason I went with an 80 series. After the last trip, I sold my 1974 FJ55 (vortec/nv4500) and 'upgraded' to a quieter, more reliable ride. I still feel like I kind of 'sold out' but, f#*^ it.

    80 series are just THE bomber expedition/baja rigs. Especially when WE convert our rigs to diesel.

    Cool truck, maybe I'll run into ya down there.


  19. PKP80

    PKP80 SILVER Star

    Los Angeles, CA
    Awesome rig, the GPS mount is real clean, nice.

  20. gbell210


    Bremerton, WA
    Nice setup.. and looking at the pic in post #12... there really is ocean front property in Arizona :)
    Also looks like it came right out of the ocean from OZ. (Doesn't look like any tire tracks in the sand infront of the truck)

    One questions though... is that the GPS antenna right above the drivers "o'****" grip? If so you aren't getting the most out of the signal.. that should be facing straight up for the best quality signal. Most likely not a major problem since you don't really need such precision, but in times of low signal it would help more facing directly towards the sky.

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