Oil Pan and Oil pressure problems FJ62

Discussion in '60-Series Wagons' started by PurpleFJ62, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. PurpleFJ62


    Dexter Michigan
    Thought there might be some interest in this story on here. My 62 has had a big oil leek for quite some time. In the winter it leeks almost no oil at all, when its hot it it leeks alot.

    Also, it doesent have to be running to leek. I believe the oil capacity is 9 quarts for the 3F, just after I pulled her into the shop to take care of this leek only about 1/3 of a quart of oil came out. So the hole has to be near the bottom of the pan I figure. Anyways...to make a long story short I replaced the oil pan with a new oem one. It appears to be holding oil, atleast while its not moving.

    On to the next problem...oil pressure gauge is dead. So I did some trouble shooting and this is what I found.
    Taking apart the gauge unit...

    Removing the oil pressure gauge...

    Appears I shorted something out when I replaced the sending unit...looks like melted plastic.


    I can only imagine how expensive this part is....
    anyone have an idea?

    Here is a picture of the removed oil pan, I can still not find a hole in it....

  2. acoen


    Chances are your oil pan was leaking from the spot welds on the oil pan skid plate. They also leak from the gasket, especially front and rear.

    As for your oil pressure gauge, check to make sure that the wire going to the oil sending unit under the oil filte is plugged in correctly. Nearly everybody has pluged the wire into the wrong place at one time or another. The plug goes on the center of the senting unit, not the tang welded to the sending unit. If you place the sending unit wire on the welded tang it will fry your gauge.

    Gauges run about 90 bucks from toyota....Look for a used one. I found one for aout 7 bucks. Usually they are good if the needle is at the low line and nothing is melted. FJ60 units will work on the FJ62 and vise versa...the silk screen just looks different between the two.
  3. Michael Hanson

    Michael Hanson

    Plano texas
    I would buy a new gauge ,they are not too bad. It will last a long time if you dont plug into the wrong place on the sending unit. MIke

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