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Discussion in 'Hunting & Fishing' started by Brian in Oregon, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Browning Buckmark 5.5" Field

    I've been looking for a rimfire handgun for use as a suppressor host. It had to be able to have the muzzle threaded, and had to be able to take a red dot sight, possibly a scope. And I wanted decent accuracy for hunting purposes.

    Browning makes a Buckmark called the Whisper, which is basically their camper model with a threaded barrel. While it is possible to put a red dot sight on it, it cannot be scoped, unless a grip type scope mount is used.

    Went with a Buckmark 5.5" Field, which is basically the 5.5" target model with a ramp front sight instead of the thin silhouette sight, and it lacks the sight shade hoods. It has a full length Weaver style scope mount, so even a handgun scope can be installed. This model comes with Cocobolo grips, which appear to be laminated. They look nice, and feel good, though they're on the slick side.

    The sights are more for backup in case of a problem with optics. The 5.5" barrel is probably the longest possible for making sure cheap high velocity ammo does not go supersonic. This is why I wasn't interested in finding the varmint or silhouette versions with their almost 10" barrels. Both have been discontinued anyway, though a used silhouette model was at the gun shop.

    The trigger pull was very nice. Not as light as my Model 41 S&W, but close. It was surprisingly crisper, and had no creep. One of the better semi-auto triggers I've come across in quite a while. Note that the target models have different springs and a trigger stop, unlike the regular models.

    Accuracy was quite decent. I shot it as well as my Model 41. It's not easy for me to shoot iron sighted handguns anymore. At 50 my eyes aren't the same as when I was in my 20s. I'm farsighted now. I can see individual leaves on trees a quarter mile away, but I can't see the sights on a handgun. They're a blur. I have to wear glasses. Even so, I was hitting our targets out to 75 yards, though not as consistently as I could years ago.

    The Buckmark also cycled all ammo almost flawless right out of the box (after the preservative in the bore was cleaned, of course). This included Remington and CCI Subsonics, as well as my favorite CCI SGB (Small Game Bullet). The cheap Remington had a lot of misfires. But this happened with every gun we put them in, and we had about a dozen handguns and rifles. Just lousy ammo.

    I had removed my EOTech 552 from my AR15 when I scoped it. Took it along to try on the Buckmark, since I want to put some sort of optics on it. What a huge difference in accuracy. First, and this is the amazing part, the 552 turned out to be dead nuts on. Didn't have to make any adjustments. I've never had that happen before when transferring optics between guns. The 1 MOA dot made it almost a cinch to hit targets. Drawback is how bulky the sight is on a handgun. I wish EOTech made a true miniature version of it. I'm definitely going to put some sort of optics on the gun. Don't know yet if that will be a handgun scope or a red dot. Problem with red dots is that very few are made with a 1 MOA dot. I don't want a 4 MOA dot or larger. That means the dot is 3" at 75 yards, which is typical hunting range for me. I may wind up installing a 2x scope.

    The matte finish is nice to prevent glare in the field, but, it's going to get scratched pretty easily. A satin brushed blue finish would probably be more durable, but it is what it is.

    Drawbacks. I don't care for the gold trigger. Might get another and refinish it black. Not a big deal. The safety is not the easiest to apply with the thumb of the shooting hand. Fortunately it is easy to disengage, but not excessively so. It is not the easiest to clean. There is no way to clean the barrel from the breech end without removing it from the gun. I may make a custom bore guide. The slide cannot be removed for cleaning without removing the scope rail assembly (ditto for the rear sight assembly on the standard models). I do not know yet how often this will need to be done. But, with a suppressor, more crap is going to get blown into the action.

    Pluses. Accuracy, good ergonomics, good trigger, decent sights, reliable feeding, and the price is quite reasonable. I feel it is superior to the Ruger Mk II and III, and while it is certainly no S&W Model 41, it is the next best thing if someone can't pony up the $1200 for one. I wish I had bought one of these a couple of decades ago. Also, Browning makes the Buckmark in a very wide selection. There's something to appeal to nearly everyone.

    I can't wait to get this set up and dialed in for varmint season next year.
  2. Red Herring

    Red Herring

    Victopia BC
    Nice, I have a Buckmark too, and really enjoy shooting it. Flip the sear spring (Heggis Mod), it will give you a 3# trigger. Works well.
  3. Not necessary on the target models. They use a different spring set than field models.

    Browning Sear Spring Buck Mark Rifle, Pistol - MidwayUSA
    This is the standard Buckmark spring.

    Browning Sear Spring Silhouette and Varmint Buck Mark Pistol - MidwayUSA
    This is the Silhouette and Target spring, which the 5.5" Field model also uses.
  4. titanpat57

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    Hudson Valley, NY
    Damn got the best toys....
  5. I have the Buckmark Plus. Same barrel length, grips, and adjustable sights. Don't think you can mount a scope on mine either.

    Lot's of fun to shoot with my boys.
  6. Wile E Coyote

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    Western AZ
    Another happy Buckmark owner here.
    Don't clean the bbl.....ever.;) and you can forget needing a bore guide.
  7. Trunk Monkey

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    Salt Lake City
    I shot a friend's MkII with an integrated suppressor on it and it hooked me. Looking at getting one for the P22 now. Thanks Walther for the factory threaded barrel.

    Very nice Buckmark, love the bull barrel.
  8. 73fj40lc

    73fj40lc SILVER Star

    Damn I wish my state would let you own a suppressor without having a class III licence. I would buy several for different firearms. Well at least I don't live in one of the totally communist states.
  9. It's at my friend's getting threaded for a suppressor. Should have it back by the end of the month. Will post pics of it after a test fire.

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