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New shocks for CDN m101?

Discussion in 'Trailer Tech' started by fergor, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. fergor

    fergor Regular Member

    I need new shocks for my cdn m101. I want to get Bilstein or Rancho. My setup, m101, lid, RTT and 33” mud terrain tires. I find that when I go over bumps, potholes I get a bit of roll on the trailer, I want to stabilize this more and was thinging replacing the shocks with more HD shocks would help. Any feedback will be great.
    will be great.
  2. greentruck

    greentruck New Member

    flat earth Midwest
    The M101 CDN Yahoo group has a list of part number interchanges in their Database section. It indicates that the shock crosses to this NAPA shock #, 94038.
  3. Rubiconcruiser

    Rubiconcruiser New Member

    Most NAPA stores have them in stock. bought a set last week for my unit.

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