Wanted: Looking for a 95-97 Land Cruiser or LX450

Discussion in 'FJ80 | FZJ80 | LX450 | HDJ81' started by rugbypike11, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. rugbypike11


    I live in Charlotte.

    I prefer a 97 but I'm open to both the 95 and 96 if it's a great vehicle.

    I want to stay under 150 K miles.

    For colors, I'm pretty flexible but I don't like white or maroon/red.

    I'm not too concerned about lockers. I can add air lockers later if necessary.

    I prefer a sunbelt vehicle; I'm planning to keep this vehicle for a really long time so I don't want anything with rust.

    I'm hoping to spend $8-10 K, but anything less than that would be great.
  2. rugbypike11


    I found a '97 LX450 in Atlanta. 123,500 miles, great condition, $10 K, excited to have it home and can't wait to start buildin' 'er up.
  3. jditom



    Start the baselining then the UPS man will get to know you by your first name as the many brown boxes start to arrive:steer:

    Some pics are needed.
  4. FJ809496TLC

    FJ809496TLC 80 series addict SILVER Star

    Congrats! :flipoff2: Color?
  5. rugbypike11


    Thanks gentlemen! I'm pretty excited about the new rig. I'm working and studying for the bar until the end of July, so I can start doing some modifications after that's over and done with.

    First thing will be to take off the running boards. If anybody wants to buy them, they're in great shape. I'll get better pictures soon.


    Medium-term wish list

    2.5" OME Lift
    Will probably be content to go with 33" tires
    ARB winch bumper & winch
    Rear bumper with spare tire carrier
    Rock sliders
    ARB touring rack for rooftop tent (I'm hoping they bring to market an alloy version of the touring rack, if not, I'll probably try to source the rack to a local metal works guy)
    Rooftop Tent
    In-dash navigation/media center, replace stock speakers, maaaaybe try to hide a subwoofer somewhere

    Longer-term - I don't expect to have to worry about this for awhile because I'm only at 123 K miles with a thorough dealer maintenance record, but I might want to do a diesel conversion. I remember hearing that Toyota might bring over a 4.5 L Diesel V-8, but I guess they nixed those plans. I don't think that would be an easy conversion, but I wonder if it would fit better than some of the Cummins conversions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the displacement for the I-6 pretty much the same? I realize the dimensions are very likely to be different which could cause some fit issues, along with all of the other issues that a diesel conversion can bring.

    ARB Air Lockers because unfortunately, I don't have factory lockers.
    Safari drawers
    I'm sure some other toys will come out that I'll absolutely need, good thing I'm not married.

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